So who was it?

Fess up - someone got me sick and I'd like to know who, so I can come on over and kick your arse.


You'll be pleased to know that aside from downing Nurofen, Cold & Flu tablets, gargling Betadine (bleh!) and some cough syrup, I was able to sleep a few hours today which made my head feel marginally better. I also decided to have a mad cleaning frenzy; meaning, my room is bloody spotless right about now.

Boo to feeling sick. My glands are not very happy with me, neither is my chest for that matter. But hooray for a germ-free room! Too bad it's owner can't say she's germ-free either..

I sneeze in your general direction, bringer of sickness!

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kirby said...


I am sick also and have had the past two days off work. I blame entourage el chine who were behind us, breathing down my neck all night.

I thought it was tonsilitis, because my throat came up really sore and awful on monday, but the doctor said that because there is no pus, there is no infection - but put my on antibiotics anyway. They do not work.

Laurel said...

Hey! Now I have to Lysol my computer screen, germy!

Hope you feel better!!

Aimee said...

::hugs:: Hope you feel better soon! I just got over a 2 week bought with a cold. :( phooey!

lara said...

i bet it was the same bugger who gave me my cold! it brought me down for close to two weeks! stupid illnesses... :(

Julz* said...

:( I sincerely hope it wasn't me :(

since you know....I was sick to begin with :(

I hope you get better real soon! *sends chicken soup your way*

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