Y'all Come Back Now.

I have a secret.

Please don't tell anybody.

I'm having an affair with my blog stats.

There, I said it.

I'm completely and utterly fascinated with how people find my blog, where they came from and which pages they visited while they were here. Apparently I'm a wealth of information; People come to me seeking advice on song lyrics, bondage tips, toe sucking photos and pictures of people vomiting while bungy jumping. Sadly, I don't think they're getting quite what they were looking for when they arrive, but still. I do my best.

It's been a running banter at school about this blog; once my principal found out I was writing one, he asked for the link. Me being a paranoid freak, I declined because some of the crap that I've submitted to the internet? Is just plain embarrassing. Plus, I swear like a sailor in some posts and I'd really like people to keep thinking that I'm a nice person. Yep. Nice.

Ahem, moving right along.

My stats told me how the afore mentioned principal actually did manage to stalk his way through Google and onto my blog. (If you search for "Aly" plus "Blog" plus "Australia", the sucker gives it right away.) Well done Chris, if you're reading!

So, whilst  poring over randomly flicking through some statistic pages yesterday, I found one visitor that seemed to absolutely love what I have to say here. I mean, really. You just have to see for yourself.

Time of Visit: Feb 7 2007 -- 7:34:44 pm
Last Page View: Feb 7 2007 -- 7:34:44 pm
Visit Length: 0 seconds


I am so witty and entertaining, hee. I amuse people for hours seconds absolutely no time periods what-so-ever.

Oh how I love this blog!

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lara said...

oh yes, i'm in love with my stats too. i think i'll have to do a looong post at some point to talk about the funny things i've seen people searching for.

as for the time thing, i think the other end of the spectrum is odd too. who reads one single page of my blog for 21 hours and 14 minutes? i begin to wonder if i should send a search party to make sure they haven't died at the keyboard or anything... :-P

kirby said...


checking in on us all, are we?

Laurel said...

Ever since I posted AS's penne alla vodka recipe, all anyone seems to want my blog for is vodka sauce. I'm sure they are bitterly disappointed when they discover that the site is mostly me detailing my unexciting life, and not so much Italian cooking tips.

Jen said...

Next time I'm not busy (which is just about never anyway) I'll stay here for ages, and click lots of links. Just to make you happy, moo.

Horrible Warning said...

It's a good thing my stats are not more detailed, or I would do nothing but look at them, think about them, and freak out. Just a little.

The biggest search that gets people to my blog? PANTY SNIFFING.

Oh, and I don't spend nearly enough time here. I'll work on that.

Snoskred said...

Don't believe those stats, I have several stat things going and they all give me incredibly different info on the same visitors. One of them always tells me people stay for 0.00 seconds. Yet another tells me different info re times!

Lindsey said...

Damn...it's like your blog can stop time. I wonder if your blog is the gateway to time travel too??

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