Rah Rah Valentines Rah Rah

So. After reading the blogs out there in internet land, I've realised that there are just a couple of categories that people fall into when it comes to Valentines Day.

  • You love it. Everything about it. If you're with a partner, you expect the works; flowers, chocolates, engagement rings (ha!) and the whole smush factor. HIT ME CUPID WITH YOUR ARROWS OF LURVE. If you're without a partner, you write love poetry and make eyes at anyone of the opposite sex that happens to walk past you because hello? It's a day of love!

  • You really don't think much of it. It's just another day. Who cares, anyway? It's a stupid holiday. It's not even a real holiday. Psh. Whatever.

  • You say you really don't think much of it, when in actual fact, you do. Yep. You know you do. In fact, you only say you don't really follow the holiday because you secretly want a bunch of flowers to turn up in your workplace, or find a special note tucked away in a clothes drawer or something else along those lines. Or you know, an engagement ring. (ha!) Or something.

  • You despise it. You're anti-Valentines, you think it's stupid to spend money on flowers when the prices hike up for ONE DAY ONLY and if you see another squishy teddy bear, you may barf. Get a room, you stupid love-freaks. Hate! (OR the opposite; You love your significant other every day, why do you need this day alone to say warm and fuzzy things?)

I guess I'd have to say that I'm squished into a couple of the categories, but probably the third one the most. Valentines Day isn't something that I look forward to every year, I've never once had anything delivered to my workplace or a mushy dinner or anything.

(But I can't say I haven't wanted to have that happen.) What? I'm female. Give me some credit.

I have a secret though.

I'm notorious for giving gifts that I would actually like to recieve back myself. Not gifts as in present gifts really, more like the thought behind them. I'll admit it. I've made pretty homemade things with messages. I've brought little cheesy plush toys. I've even delivered a bear, card and balloon on a string to a certain someone's workplace on our first anniversary. I am a dork. And I thought it might be a subtle (?) gesture to my other half, that wow! What a great idea! I should definitely use that sometime! Aly would love it!

I've learned though, in nearly five years, that subtlety needs a good kick in the hiney. It's much easier to just engrave messages onto people's foreheads, backwards of course so they'll see it in the mirror when they shave. Hopefully. Or not.

Where am I going with this?

My Valentines Day was just like any other day. I didn't even talk to Jason. We text messaged a couple of times, and sent a few IM's ("Jason, I lost one of the earrings you gave me, wah! Oh, and Happy Valentines Day.")

I made a song and dance about getting a gift off him this year, because last year he forgot. (Let me just say that again; LAST YEAR HE FORGOT.) But really? I'll be happy just to see him. We're different, we are. We don't fall into a couples category. We're not a new, all-over-each-other couple anymore. (Damn.) We're not engaged or living together. (Damn.) We're definitely not married. (Damn.) What are we? We're just US.

Gifts are lovely, but give me an extra weeknight seeing him and I'm happy. So that's what is happening tomorrow; we're having a less-crowded, belated coupley dinner at my favourite Thai restaurant on the 15th of February. Ha! Take that, Hallmark. (I'm even making my OWN card as usual, so nyer. You and your $8 cards stink.)

If Jason turns up with nothing in his hands, meh. Not that important. I'll just refer on back to dot point number two; "I really don't think much of Valentines Day anyway." (Or do I?)

But he'll still get bonus points if he turns up with a puppy.

Happy Valentines Day, blogging lovelies.

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LaLa said...

Happy Valentines Day my sweet.

My problem is I don't particularly like the idea of getting roses, I think it shows a SEVERE lack of imagination. Give me a man that buys me my own Gardenia plant and I will be impressed.

But then, after 5 years of nothing but a bunch of lavender from my Mum (see? She knows me!) I am pretty fine with... er.. nothing.

Jess said...

I'm definitely the jaded second category haha.

Laurel said...

Heh. I just wrote a post about how I fall somewhere between category 1 and 2. We aren't exchanging gifts, either, but... I wouldn't say no to a puppy, either!

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Teacher Jane said...

It didn't occur to me until just now, 11 am my time, that it's Valentine's Day at all. And, really, the only reminder was your site wishing me a happy one.

I think I fall into the category of not caring much for it. I didn't overdo it when I had a boyfriend, and I certainly don't overdo it when I don't. I did by my students mini-bags of conversation hearts, though. Unfortunately, we have a snow day today, so I won't be able to give them out on the actual holiday. Boo.

Aimee said...

I'm with Lala - Roses are overrated. I'd much rather have a bouqet of daisies or lavender. Last year, for no reason at all, I got a HUGE bouquet of tiny orchids. LOVE!!

I'm kind of anti-valentine's day. I don't like the idea that everyone is celebrating the same thing on the same day. And then they can go back to being the unhinged, not romantic, couple that hates each other. You know? It seems really fake.

I don't have good memories of Valentine's day as a rule - though one year I had a real date (I was 19) and he showed up with daisies.

This year, we're also having dinner on the 15th. :) I'm not sure where we're going, but apparently Mark had to make reservations, so that's a good sign. I woke up this morning to a card set near my purse that was about the sweetest thing I ever read. That was enough to make this Valentine's Day a good one.

Have a happy day!!

Desiree said...

Bah. Tired of this day. Let us talk of other things. Shoes. World Peace. Sushi. Happy thoughts.

Mr MySpace sent me a dozen long stemmend roses in a vase with Godiva chocolates.

Sushi is better.

Heather B. said...

Valentine's Day two years ago, I was in Amsterdam. In a coffee shop. Then enjoying some falafel and toblerone. Really nothing can top that anymore with or without someone to share it with.

Happy Valentine's Day, Ms. Alynda.

angela said...

I think I must be in "dot point" number one, but I don't really see myself as a smushy lovey dovey type.

This year we decided not to do gifts as we are trying to save money. We only wanted to order Chinese takeout and stay in. So we decided on no gifts, no cards. But we did get each other tickets to see a performance next week that we've been saving up for.

Anyway, the hubby broke the rules and did get me flowers, which of course I love because I AM a woman, after all. But they also come with guilt, because I followed the rules and then I felt like a loser with nothing to give. Grrrr.

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