Oops! And 1500. Yep.

You would think with the amount of waffle entries I've posted here lately (with the exception of yesterday's post, that is) that I would jump at the chance to have a topic to write about. Poor BadgerGirl has been poking me for a while now, because dude! I was tagged! And of course, this excites me to no end, just like when I see a new blogger link me on their page. Am a dork.

So anywho, it's about damned time that I do the current Five Facts meme. Except I should probably worn you that I hate hate hate these bloody things, because I can never think of anything interesting to write about. You really don't want to hear more about my teaching, right? Do you? Hrm. Let's see what I can come up with.

1. I have the weirdest music shuffle on my Ipod right now. Lately, everytime I hear a song being played somewhere (in supermarket isles, in pubs across New Zealand, on other people's Ipods) I go home, shuffle through my music collection and add it right on in. Doesn't matter what kind/style it is, if it gets stuck in my head that means it's in. Newest additions are Natalie Merchant (Carnival), Crazytown (Butterfly) and some more Fleetwood Mac. Am very random.

2. I have wanted a puppy for the last five years. And every year on birthdays, Christmas, special occasions and random days of the week, I bring it up again. And get shot down. I want my own baby so much it hurts. I even have a breeders page bookmarked on my computer so I can stare at all the pictures of the new pups they have. Le sigh.

3. I have much more patience with kids than I do with adults. Stupid people make me very, very irritated.

4. I need hard pillows to sleep on. There are four of them on my bed. I always take the two nicest pillows and give Jason the two soft and smooshy ones. I am a rather selfish cow.

5. I hit 1500 comments on this blog yesterday! The wonderful chook that posted the special comment was none other than the wonderful singing Lindsay! Thankyou, gorgeous!

I think when I hit that whopping 2000th comment I'm going to first of all twirl around ala Maria in the Sound of Music, and then think about registering a domain name. As a present to myself, for rambling on for the last (gasp) 10 months straight. Insane, I tell you.

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lara said...

damn! i wasn't 1000, and i wasn't 1500. i really want to be 2000. just so you all know. it's so mine. :)

LaLa said...

Bugger, you need to warn me when these milestones are coming up so I can comment shamelessly to get the honour. Back off Lara! It's mine muhahahaha (evil laugh)

Lindsey said...

WOOOO I won, I am the 1500th!!! I do what I can for you, babe!

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