It's All About Me.

I've updated this post a great deal since it's conception in 2007, and I think that it's about time I do it again!

[List updated on July 10, 2011]
[List updated on May 21, 2010]

100 Things About Me.

1. I was born on July 31st, 1984. Am a proud late 20-something, and it seems that my quarter life crisis has been averted.. for now.

2. Aly is my nickname. My full name is a hybrid that my parents created when they couldn't decide on a name for me, and it stuck. I don't use it on this blog because it's so unique and easily searchable.

3. I have to spell it out for practically everybody, which is to be expected.

4. I like having an unusual name. It's different. It's a conversation starter.

5. I have one brother, who is three years younger than me. I also now have one brother-in-law, who is five years older than me.

6. I still wish I had a sister. I've always wanted a sister.

7. My brother drives me mad, but in a good way. He's no less cheeky now, but he's growing up into a really great guy.

8. My darling brother is the golden child of the family.

9. I really do love him though. Occasionally he gives good hugs. He's very tall.

10. I grew up in Sydney, in the western suburbs rather than the city itself.

11. Which is fabulous, because other than visiting as a tourist myself? I'm really not too fussed on Sydney. It's gorgeous, but not 'home'.

12. I often feel like I'm a 20-something, going on 40.

13. My partner's name is Jason. Or Jase. Or J. Depends how lazy I am.

14. I used to hate calling him my boyfriend - it made us sound really young.

15. As of 8/8/09, he's no longer my boyfriend. He's my fiancĂ©! As of 11/6/11, he's no longer my fiancĂ©. He's my husband!

16. We have been together since September of 2002 and this is our ninth year together.

17. Few people know how we met. I stand by the fact that it was all to do with fate, let's leave it at that. I tell most people that we met at a party. I recently found out that he actually uses this scenario too, which is pretty funny.

18. If you are nosy like me and want to know more, read back through this blog. I'm sure it's in there somewhere. Or just ask. It's not embarrassing, it's just random.

19. We got married on June 11, 2011. The day was wet and dreary, but I've never felt so much happiness in my entire life. I can't even begin to describe it. I blog about it at

20. I was vice captain and dux of my high school. What is a dux? A dux is a modern title given to the top academic student in a graduating class of a school, Australia, and similar to the American concept of a valedictorian. Why thankyou, Wikipedia.

21. At university, I was invited into the Golden Key Honours Club.

22. I'm going to type that out again, because I like the way it sounds kind of snotty. Golden Key Honours Club. Hee. Got me a pretty certificate that I do absolutely nothing with.

23. My first bachelors degree was in Psychology. I wanted to run my own clinic, because I love listening to other people and offering advice.

24. In my final year, the legal side of the practice really changed my mind, and I did an about face career-wise. My second degree was in Primary Teaching.

25. I don't think anybody imagined me to be a good teacher. But I loved it.

26. After having a break from teaching while I was in the UK, I'm back at it again in 2011. This year I'm teaching a Year 1/2 composite class.

27. I swore when I was young that I never wanted kids. Teaching changed that for me.

28. I want my own kids now.

29. Seriously, any time now. *kicks PCOS in the balls*

30. The loose "plan" is to be engaged by 25 [check!] married by 27 [check] and have kids soon after. Edit: Jason proposed a week after my 25th birthday, not bad timing-wise, eh? Double edit: We got married in June - a whole month before I turn 27. Mwahaha. Timing. We has it.

31. I am a huge animal lover. As in, crazily huge.

32. In high school, I studied veterinary nursing as my elective. I always wanted to be a vet growing up, but the university entry scores were so high, it made that dream impossible.

33. My old pets, i.e. parents' pets are Rusty the chihuahua, Bailey the beagle cross, and Gage the cockatoo. (RIP to my darling puppy, Max, we miss you every day.)

34. I flew to England on Christmas Day, 2007, to live and work. After five years of dating, Jason and I finally moved in together. We lived in West London, and had a gorgeous first floor flat near Notting Hill and Portobello Road.

35. I only ever planned to stay in the UK for 12 months. That then turned into two years. And then three. We moved back to Sydney at the end of 2010 - making it three years in total.

36. Now that we're back in Australia, we're building our first home! Process is nailbitingly slow and I'm trying to be patient. I can't wait to be out of an apartment and with a backyard so we can adopt two dogs.

37. I have had a list of puppy names picked out for years and years.

38. Jase and I already adopted a kitten together, albeit a little earlier than planned. In May 2008, we brought home a little tabby kitten called Oscar. He's not a kitten anymore and is slightly insane, but we think he's great. He's also slightly tubby and is one of the most chilled out cats you'll ever meet.

39. I am a big, giant dork.

40. I used to wear glasses. At the time, I hated the way I looked in glasses, despite other people telling me they suited me. I wore contacts a lot.

41. On May 11th, 2007 I had Advanced Surface Laser surgery done on both eyes.

42. It was a scary procedure, but it's the best $2000 I've ever spent.

43. I can now wake up in the morning and see things clearly, and quite frankly? It's bloody awesome. I do miss my glasses though..

44. I am a really, really fast reader. As in, I can finish books in half a day if I am enjoying them. I also tend to leave books lying around all over the house, which drives most people crazy.

45. If I'm reading a series and a new book comes out, I refuse to read it straight away. Instead, I force myself to go back to the beginning book and read all the way through before I read the last one. (I did this with the Outlander series and with Harry Potter too. Am strange like that.)

46. I wish that all of my favourite books were turned into movies. Decent versions too, not crappy ones. That would be marvellous.

47. As well as books, I'm a wee bit obsessed with buying television shows on DVD boxsets. I have quite the collection.

48. I lugged the majority of my DVDs over to London with me, because I couldn't bear to leave them behind. I add to my collection all the time. Hey, it saves me money going out and having a life. ;)

49. I love any wedding related show. Unfortunately, we have no cable here (saving money) so the only place I can watch them is online. I thought after the wedding my obsession would die down, but alas - I adore weddings just as much, if not more, now that we are married.

50. I hate idiot drivers, I'm not confident when I'm driving to new places, and getting stuck behind slow people really irritates me. Jase and I share a car to save money (& the environment!)

51. I have a thing with feet. I really dislike them. Feet creep me out. Please keep your feet to yourself. Especially gross feet. Blergh. I don't know what it is about them...

52. If I could have any store to go wild in, I would choose a department store like K-Mart or Target. I think they're fabulous, you can buy anything and everything! I miss Primark and Asda from the UK, and Walmart from the USA. (Don't hate.)

53. I love stationery. There is nothing better than writing with brand new pens, on brand new paper. I love new things. I also spell stationery incorrectly, nearly every time I write it down. It's a terrible habit, I'm trying to get better at it.

54. Moving home to Sydney means I get to see my best friend again, thank goodness. I've always been the kind of girl to keep my good friends close, and I don't do big groups well.

55. I'm a board games nut. And sadly, I can never convince anyone to play with me.

56. This is because I get frustrated and want the games played correctly and er, I also have a tendency to sulk if I lose. And I lose fairly often.

57. The above statement also rings true for ten pin bowling and mini golf.

58. If I had to choose my own best feature, I think I would say my smile. I do kind of like my teeth, even if they are a wee bit yellow. Cheesy smiles are grand!

59. I hate the way I look in practically every picture that is taken.

60. I'm working on the exercising kick, again. I wish I liked to exercise.

61. I hate talking to strangers on the phone, I get really paranoid about my voice.

62. However, send me an email and I'm very hard to shut up.

63. I simply love receiving packages in the mail, makes me smile. (Hint, hint!)

64. I'm absolutely terrible at reading maps. Upside down and all.

65. I also get my left and right directions completely confused.

66. I actually ran into a concrete road island when I was learning to drive, because I turned left when my instructor told me to turn right.

67. Which leads nicely into the fact that I have many, many blonde moments.

68. We love to travel. I've visited Europe, America, Canada, New Zealand, Vanuatu and have big plans to see more one day.

69. The six weeks I spent travelling cross-country in the USA were some of the best times I've ever had. I met two amazing girls there who I cherish.

70. I've always wanted to go on a road trip somewhere. Just me, a friend or two, and the car. One day I'll cross this off my list.

71. My favourite class in high school was Ancient History. It fascinated me, and it still does. I'd love to visit all of those places and explore.

72. I think it helped that I had an awesome teacher who I respected a lot.

73. I love number seven and number three and any numbers they make. That includes this question number. No idea why. They're just pretty numbers.

74. My most valuable asset would be my car, which we own. The other item would be my engagement and wedding rings. Jase done good.

75. If I had to flee out of the house taking just a few things, this is what I would grab: my handbag, laptop and kitty. And Jason too, of course. I'd drag him out.

76. If I was any paler, I would be reflective.

77. I love to dance, even though I am really shy at first. If I'm comfortable with where I am and who I am with, I'll dance for hours. Alcohol helps with this, too.

78. It does take me a very long time to get comfortable though.

79. If I had to choose a favourite actor, it would be Nicolas Cage. I think he's really, really attractive in a strange, strange way. I can't really explain it.

80. Most of my t-shirts are v-necks.

81. They just seem to be the ones that suit my shape the best.

82. And I like my boobs.

83. I used to think I was a fabulous singer, until I taped myself singing and was horrified to find out that I actually suck. As such, I've never ever sung karaoke in public.

84. I still completely adore Sing Star. Am not shy at home.

85. I have the uncanny ability to listen to a song lyric and somehow make it all about me. I'm really big on song lyrics, and my musical tastes are all over the place.

86. The first time I visit a new place, I'll inevitably get lost. Every single time.

87. I am a big sook. I have been known to cry at movies, books, television shows, songs and random advertisements or commercials.

88. I think Love Actually is a brilliant movie.

89. I hate things being messy, and I quite like cleaning.

90. I always invisioned being proposed to in a restaurant - but when the time came, it was SO MUCH BETTER than I ever expected.

91. Jason asked me to marry him in the middle of a surprise trip to Prague. What better way to propose, than on a warm summers evening, overlooking the River & the Castle.

92. My engagement ring is amazing! I had it for less than 24 hours before it was sent off to NYC to be resized at Tiffany & Co (!!) and it was gone for almost three months. I had a cute temporary engagement ring in the interim period, which I now wear proudly on my right hand. I adore my ring - Jason picked it on his own and I couldn't have found a more perfect one if I had tried. My band is matching, and gorgeous.

93. If I don't have my watch on my wrist, I feel naked.

94. I'm not a big coffee drinker. I like tea - chai or plain ol' white tea. Milky, too.

95. My handbag is completely full of crap, but it's all necessary crap.

96. When I get bored, I sign my name all over things.

97. I'd like to learn to speak another language.

98. I have the immune system of a gnat, and get sick countless times a year. I blame it on the kidlets, for making me a walking snot monster.

99. I waste countless hours reading and stalking other blogs. I also have a tendency to play average games on Facebook all the time.

100. If you read this far, feel free to leave me a comment! Am proud. I didn't get bored and wander off! And neither did you - give yourself a pat on the back.

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Julz* said...

"66. I actually ran into a concrete road island when I was learning to drive, because I turned left when my instructor told me to turn right."

^hahaha that actually made me laugh out loud ^_^ lol silly you :P

janet said...

i read it! may I please be rewarded with a free trip to sydney now? thanks! :)

lara said...

dood, i am a die-hard, tried-and-true aly fan, so OF COURSE i read all the way to the end. it's so cool getting to know you better! but i seriously wish we lived in the same country. :-P

LaLa said...

My sweet! I am blind as a bat and have an astigmathingie too.

We ARE sisters! Now you have a sister who will annoy you about who you are pashing and whether you have nicked my snakeskin stilletos again.

Welcome to sisterhood!

LaLa said...

Oh yeah. I have "issues" with Left and Right too and still can't drive.

velocibadgergirl said...

When you come to America, we should totally hang, because:

I also love the Outlander series, and I also used to re-read all the Harry Potter books before I'd read the new ones (until Goblet of Fire came out, because man is that a big book to re-read when you've got a brand new one waiting!)

I went on a roadtrip once and it was awesome, so I could give you tips.

I love to dance, too, but have no one to go dancing with.

I love Ancient History.

I love kids.

I also am so pale as to inflict retinal damage on unlucky passers-by.

And, the left / right thing? OH MY GOD YES. All the time!


angela said...

I am currently being forced to watch the Superbowl, so OF COURSE I read the whole post all the way through.

Sassy Belle said...

Dude, Nicholas Cage in National Treasure was truly fucking hot.

Nicholas Cage in Ghost Rider is truly fucking dismissable.

I have a hard time with right and left when driving, too!!

I still ponder becoming a counselor. Hm.

Soulmates, you and I.

Sharon G. said...

Nicholas Cage...*swoon*
He's pretty damn hot.

Loved the list!

Lady M said...

I enjoyed reading your list!

I agree, stationery rocks.

kirby said...

I read it and I'm stealing it to do on my own journal.

You. Me. Julie. Jen. ROADTRIP.

RA said...

My 100th entry is coming up and I've been working on a list like this of my own, even though I suspected that it would be SO two years ago, or whenever it was.

But the real point of this comment is that we have a whole bunch in common! Namely: # 36, 37, 40, 41, 43, 53, 55 (except that the boy will humor me), and 80.

Laurel said...

I have #42 in common with you, definitely! And we are born the same week! Leos rule!

Also, some time if you want to recap how you met Jason, that would be great... otherwise I'll just have to wait for a boring day at work to scroll through and find it. :)

alyndabear said...

Hooray for you guys reading! Give yourselves a pat on the back. ;)

And woohoo for lots of twinnies. What can I say? We just have damn good taste, lovies.


Jen said...

6. I wish I had a sister. I've always wanted a sister.

You've got one, dorkface. Tell the others to back off.

reformattingmybrain said...


Aimee said...

Yeah for 100 things!! I too wish you lived closer! :)

RE: #70 - do it. Everyone should live on their own before they settle down and get proposed to in a crowded restaurant. :)

Teacher A said...

I'm five days older than you! Mwahaha! I'm just happy because it seems like everyone in the blogosphere is older than me.

We've also got a problem with buying TV shows on DVD. Currently, we've got two overflowing bookshelves. I try to tell myself that not having cable TV makes the cost even out, but that's totally a lie.

Oh, and if you want to see when you get up in the morning? Extended wear contact lenses. I wear mine for weeks at a time, and it has gotten to the point where it feels odd on the mornings I wake up and can't see anything. Of course, I still want laser surgery. My mom and all my uncles have had it and say it is awesome.

heidikins said...

Hi -new to your blog, just want to say that not only do I get right & left mixed up - but it takes me about 300 years to find anything alphabetically... I have to keep singing the ABC song to remember what order the letters go in. Yes, I'm out of kindergarten. No, I don't think it matters!

Julie said...

-I love bored games. I am also a sore loser.
Love Actually is a wonderful movie.
-I have a little sister who is 7 years younger than me. But I always wanted an older brother.
-I am the same way with new books in a series. I have to read them all in a row (like all at once) or I must re read the last one.
- I have a lot of TV shows on DVD. Many are still in their plastic.
- I am obsessed with shoes. I have atleast 50 pairs. (no counting flip flops)
- Tim and I have been together since August 2002, but you already knew that.

Ok, so we are a lot alike. That was the whole point of this comment.
Btw. What is DUX?

velocibadgergirl said...

Ooh, I just re-read this, and since you listed minigolf and bowling as things you like to do but hate to lose at, I renew my insistence that you visit me while on your USA Contiki. I LOVE minigolf and bowling, but I'm not too good at either, so we'd make the best match for both! :D

Dave said...

Hi Alynda

Just like to say that I had laser surgery last year at the ripe old age of 54. I had been pretty short sighted since my early 20's (-4.5 in each eye) and had astigmatism in my right eye...bit like you, really hehe. I would really recommend it, Alynda. Well worth the money....just to be able to see clearly without wearing "jamjar bottoms" is a miracle in itself. You go for it girl!!

Take care

Dave sound like a really lovely person. I think Jason has found a real treasure in you!



Pete Dunn said...

#82... a very good thing. I'm sure they're fantastic.

Maya said...

Hi Alynda!

Got through your list! Very good one - interesting. I LOVED Sydney when I was there a few years ago (we stayed a little outside, right by Bondi Beach and it was just beautiful) - The funny thing is it reminded me a lot of Santa Barbara, but a larger city.

Very interesting - I pop over here from time to time and see your comments on other places I frequent, but am blogrolling you so I remember now. So sorry to hear about your bunny...I love bunnies - grew up having lops and Angoras.

Take care!


Ashley said...

Impressive and so reflective and funny! :)

I'm now intrigued about how you met Jason...any hints at where to find it??

Ashley said...

also? i am guilty of hours of stalking and then hating myself for wasting all that time. :-P

alana said...

Now I want to know how you met Jason. Details, please.

Also, I should let you know that I am the current undefeated Cranium champion, and am probably about as competitive as you are when it comes to board games. Though you should know that if we played, I would beat you on principle. What can I say, I'm just that good.

(Though I suppose the smart move would be to team up, so that we could take over the world, one board game at a time. Which one is your favourite?)

cady said...

i'm addicted to board games and buying tv shows on dvd, and i love the movie love actually. it's the one girly movie my husband will say that he likes. hehe. now i'm curious to know how you and jason met too!

Audrey said...

This is probably one of the best 100 things lists I've ever read.

Pink Herring said...

Such a cute list. I also have a habit of picking out pet names for pets I will not be getting any time in the imaginable future, since I'm already 2 animals over my limit! I didn't realize you had such a menagerie... makes me jealous of all the space you must have!

Margaret said...

It didn't up taking as long as I thought. I almost turned back at around 50, but I stuck with it. Yea, ME!

B said...

Love your reworked 100 things. I finished mine, but can't get it to format the way I want when I paste it from Word, so I think I am going to have to retype it into wordpress. Blech. But, soon I promise!
Also: We have in common: waiting for boys to propose (as you well know), wanting a dog, a house, kids. Love the dancing, board games, messy room but love organization, where lots of v-neck shirts, love Target, confuse my lefts and rights when I am talking to patients because they are opposite mine. When you come to the States, we should totally hang out!

Lia said...

Great list. I think we have a lot in common, and I plan to come back.

I came here from reviewmyblog, and I'd rate you a lot better than 5!



Jenny*in*London said...

We are definitely going to hang out when you come to London. (1) I also reread an entire series before the new book comes out and am slightly terrified yet excited about what this means for the new Harry Potter. (2) Love Actually is brilliant, full stop. (3) D and I have a cover story for how we met as well (and he's Aussie!). (4) Seven is my favorite number. (5) I'll read/watch anything to do with ancient history. (6) I have my dog names picked out and written in my journal with many asterisks and exclamation points. (7) My t-shirts are v-necks as well. Seven things in common. Clearly there are more. It's fate!

brandy said...

On Nicholas Cage, I totally relate. I'm not sure what it is about him. Like, I know I should look away and not be interested, but I can't. He's like staring at the sun.

Chiada said...

I read all 100, woohoo! And it only took me a couple of minutes. Hmm, maybe I'm a fast reader, too. I also like to re-read the prior books in a series when a new book in the series comes out. Just so I can refresh myself on all the important details, like who Bathilda Bagshot is. (I actually thought there was a Bagshot Row somewhere in the series that someone lived on... until I realized that is where Bilbo Baggins lives.)

I decided I had better start checking your blog out and read about you in your 100 Things because I've been seeing comments from you crop up everywhere on all of my favorite blogs to read, from Chocklate to The Good Kind Of Dorky.

Have you ever read the National Geographic article that came out about 10 years ago about the guy who rode his bicyle around the perimeter of Australia and how it changed his life, and his weight? It was very cool and interesting. I loved reading about it. I wonder what ever happened to that guy. There were alot of people offering him a cold brewsky along the way. : )

Durga said...

You live in Western Sydney? I'm in Parra.
Being a tourist for a day? Where the hell could we go?

Britt said...

I'm really late on the bandwagon, but I just wanted to say I loved your '100 Things.' Lovely getting to know you!

Erin said...

I think I love you too! Love Actually is one of my all time favorite movies. I love the Outlander series to death....and I'm an extremely fast reader. I also love board games and can never find people to play with me. We should totally play some board games!

Nathan Pralle said...

All the way through, all in all, sounds like you're a pretty neat gal. Thanks for the insight.

Ana said...

OMG can I say this is spooky.
I feel like I know you, through me. You should stop bymy my 100 things list.

Mike said...

Nice blog! I look forward to keeping up with it in the future!
Michael Fanelli

The Underpaid Princess said...

Very nice updated list!

Tali said...

I was born about 1 week after you! Also, I live about 1 hour south of San Francisco. Will you be coming by that way on your grand tour??

Bee said...

I'm with you all the way on 65!!! As for 2. - I think it's a cool name, never heard it before. Nice and unique.

Margaret said...

Nice updates to the list.

Jen said...

Yay for the addition of a cat to the list! I can't wait, 2 puppies and a kitten... that will just be too much cuteness to handle.

enny said...

Is there a quick link to your 'how we met' story?
Now I'm TOTALLY curious!!

Edward Hughey said...

My two cents - #93 I spent 20 years wearing a watch and checking obsesively until I finally decided I just didn't care what time it was. Haven't worn a watch since.

Sandra Bradley said...

Wishing the same as Num 46! I would give anything to have all my favorite books on movie.

Pet Mames said...

I’m five days older than you! Mwahaha! I’m just happy because it seems like everyone in the blogosphere is older than me.

We’ve also got a problem with buying TV shows on DVD. Currently, we’ve got two overflowing bookshelves. I try to tell myself that not having cable TV makes the cost even out, but that’s totally a lie.

Oh, and if you want to see when you get up in the morning? Extended wear contact lenses. I wear mine for weeks at a time, and it has gotten to the point where it feels odd on the mornings I wake up and can’t see anything. Of course, I still want laser surgery. My mom and all my uncles have had it and say it is awesome.

Kathy said...

Even thought I'm much older than you, I connected.
My main girl is my pet cat. Without her it would be lonely indeed, but I love my time alone!

mcfreddy said...

though to other people reading is boring but to me it enables me to free myself from the shackles of ignorance

Didi said...

Hi I am new to the blog scene and I really enjoyed reading your list!

Marie said...

Just came across your blog (I'm quite the blogaholic as well) and just wanted to say loved your 100 things about you list! I actually have family who live in Australia, but I've never been there myself. Hope to make it there at some point in my life!

Viviane said...

Hey girl, you gotta update the 'pet section' of this post! ;)

Sparkel said...

I am so glad you commented on my page because now I have found your page and realized that we are possibly twins. I nodded along with so many of these it's a little freaky.

Thanks for the comment! I look forward to reading :D

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