Ha Ha Ha Cough.

Hi! How are you today? How are you? Feeling good? How am I?


(takes deep breath)

I'm feeling rather under the weather myself, I still have all the symptoms from yesterday except that I'm starting to get a horrible cough too and my throat feels like it's practically closed off which makes it a trifle hard to breathe. I also cannot sleep very well lying down and therefore have royally screwed up my sleeping patterns which will make getting up at 6am on Monday next week for work a wee bit difficult. Speaking of work, this is the third day I've had off in one week and I am pissed off because I still have SO much to do and my poor kids! I feel slack. Not that I can do anything about getting rid of the stupid virus/infection faster because those little buggers don't tend to go away easily, but that doesn't stop me from feeling slack. My foreign X-Files DVDs don't play in my player. Roar. I am also pissed off that I miss out on meeting Lala and Mick tonight at the Gaelic Club, because the thought of being crammed into that teeny place with cigarette smoke and scary gropers terrifies me to no end, mainly because of the whole "can barely breathe" thing. And Jason? Probably won't be coming near me with a ten foot pole, stupid contagious virus, you know. So all up? I'M A WEE BIT CRANKY, but thanks for asking!

Now that the whining is out of the way, I feel much better, thanks. (Actually, I sort of don't feel any better, but I have a feeling people are going to start throwing chairs at me if I keep it up, so I'll shut up now.) I do have some good news, in terms of purchases though;

  • I got a new phone! And it's a FLIPPY phone! And it's teeny-tiny! And I love it! It looks just like this. It even  has a little goldfish swimming happily around the external screen. Now I just need to find people to CALL and I'll be right! (Thank goodness you can't spread contagious illnesses through the phone.)

  • My final Charmed boxset arrived today - now I am the embarrassed proud owner of the complete series. All matching, too! Hooray!

I will be all sunshine and rainbows tomorrow. Promise.

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lara said...

boo to being sick! :( i'm sad for you, my dearest aussie friend.

sending you a big hug, because when it comes through the internet, it can't spread or receive germs. *HUG*

Julz* said...

ohhh I really like that phone! it's got nice big buttons that are easy to use, unlike my phone which hates me and takes forever to type an sms. >_<

I wanna get one like that, but my friend has that phone, and I'm one of those stupid people who can't have the same things as my friends. :P haha so I'm waiting for 1. my current contract to end so I can get a new phone and 2. for Nokia to release a newer model of a flip phone that's still nice and easy to use. :)

And POO to being sick and not meeting LaLa :( I really do feel like it's my fault. Even if it wasn't me who gave you the chest infection, I'm sure my desire to wait around for a couple of hours in the midnight air didn't help much. :( I'm so sorry chickie :(

kirby said...

I really used to have that phone.
now mum has it. it started to annoy me because it didn't function so well with the whole needing it for work thing...

and we soooo have the same thing.. :|

Laurel said...

Being sick sucks!!! I am having a cranky day, too, and I'm not even ill. I hope you take it easy this weekend and FEEL BETTER.

LaLa said...

We missed you!

Here's to next weekend. Get better my little cherry blossom!

Lindsey said...

You poor thing! I hope you feel better soon!

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