The Verdict?

After yesterday's long winded and ultra-rambly post about Valentines Day, Jason and I had a great night out tonight.

We went to my favourite Thai restaurant which was completely empty. So empty that they had the lights off, the music off and the television on playing Australia's favourite soapie (barf) "Home and Away" -- which thankfully they switched off when they realised we were eating in and not taking away. Phew. Just typing "Home and Away" is enough to turn me off my food. Ate my favourite meal of chicken and veggie stirfry with cashew nuts and sweet chili jam, plus a yummy beef and oyster sauce stirfry that Jason ordered. YUM.

And I was surprised with a dozen red roses. I shall take a photograph tomorrow as they really are beautiful. See? Nothing wrong with the 15th of February as opposed to the 14th!

Therefore, the verdict is good. Do you concur?

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LaLa said...

I concur, Home and Away is a bit much on an empty stomach.

Mick said...

Much better.

I think February 15th should become a tradition. That'll really screw up Hallmark.

Aimee said...

What a nice night! I can't wait to get out of her (the office) and head out to dinner with Mark.

I'm starving. LOL

lara said...

great night - i definitely concur. :)

nancypearlwannabe said...

It was a pretty good one... what on earth is Home and Away?

Laurel said...

That sounds like the perfect date to me! Can't wait to see your flowers... swoon.

Lindsey said...

How cute...wait, I think I watched home and away when I was in Australia. It was horrible, but one of my friends who was a study abroad student from England loved it! ick!

angela said...

Sounds like a lovely evening. And it was probably really awesome to miss all the crowds.

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