Bloody Lala!

It's completely her fault that I'm fascinated by Facebook - seriously, I've been aware of it for a whopping four days now and that was all it took. All I want to do is stalk people. Bloody fabulous! What an invention.

So, consider this a public service announcement; if you have a facebook account, stop by and be my friend. Because I am lonely. And addicted. And bored. This is a very dangerous combination. Trust me on that one. Oh, oh, I was tagged the other day and only JUST discovered it, so I shall do that one now too. Fabulous! [twiddles thumbs]

Listing my 12 favourite movies is like asking me to choose between my 12 favourite songs, bloody difficult. But let's see;

12. Beauty & The Beast - Yes, I'm talking about the Disney version. What? It's a great movie!
11. Brokedown Palace - Sort of scary since that could happen to any of us, plus, love the soundtrack.
10. Jurassic Park - This is also a good indication of my nerd factor, but dinosaurs are cool.
9. European Vacation - Oh how I love some Chevy Chase. "Look kids, Big Ben, Parliament!"
8. Titanic - Oh lord, the cheese factor, I know. I'll have you know I had my first ever kiss in a screening of this movie.
7. Harry Potter (all of 'em) - Love the books, love the films. Love Ron & the Weasley twins.
6. Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion - "I hope your babies look like monkeys."
5. Happy Gilmore - "Are you too good for your home?" Adam Sandler cracks me up.
4. Dantes Peak - Am a nut with destructive natural disaster movies. Also love Volcano. Yep. Dork.
3. Love, Actually - Because I'm a big softy who loves chick flicks (and Hugh Grant). It's awesome.
2. Braveheart - It's a classic! How can you NOT love it? The love story, the history, the battles... love.
1. City of Angels - To this day, I am still in lust with Nicolas Cage, and I have absolutely no idea why.

Since I'm a tagging drama queen, I'm opening it up for everyone who's up for it. I'm just generous like that, hee. (Edit: I totally have to add two more chick flicks I forgot - Bring It On (Jesse Bradford is BLOODY HOT and also Never Been Kissed. All done!) (Edit: And Jason just yelled at me because I forgot to write the Lord of the Rings movies on here.. fine, fine.)

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velocibadgergirl said...

I'm not on Facebook, but I did fall into the MySpace trap. I usually forget to check it for months at a time, though. I'm not a very good stalker!

Lara said...

no facebook for me, despite jitta's best attempts. i'll tell aussie boy that he should go be your friend... ;)

Teacher A said...

Is it wrong that I find it hilarious when those people in the hot spring die in "Dante's Peak?"

Julz said...

I gots meself a facebook just for you miss aly. but I doubt I'll be able to give it the attention that I give myspace :P even my LJ is being neglected and I've had that for ages lol

Siany said...

Ok, I have no idea what Facebook is but anyway... will google in a min... lol

In response to your movie faves - thats a great mixture of genres!! I LOVE "Love, actually" - its my fave of the faves. Since your tagging has been left open, Im taking the challenge... Check my blog soonish...

Hope youre having a fab weekend!!
xx Siany

nancypearlwannabe said...

I'm already a myspace addict, I think I might need to stay away from facebook! I don't need another internet distraction to keep me from the lovely summer sun.

Love, Actually is in my top movies list too- along with Dirty Dancing and Lost in Translation. What can I say? I'm a sucker for romance.

Lindsey said...

You have a friend request waiting for approval. Facebook is my one true love, well, after you that is.

LaLa said...

Bloody Facebook! Bloody me!!!!


kirby said...

those national lampoons movies are great... just the european vacation, the christmas one and the ... wally world one. we laugh so hard at them... it's fabulous.

julie said...

I used to be addicted to facebook, when it first came out in 2004.

But you get over it, eventually.
Trust me.

I cannot believe you're in lust with Nick Cage. I cannot stand that guy.

Operation Pink Herring said...

I added you as a friend on the facebook :)

Eris said...

That part where Meg Ryan dies in City of Angels was totally filmed in my hometown. I ride my bike on that road all the time. Well, not in the freaking middle of the street, but you get the point.

You sound like you need a long bath and a box of chocolates. Everything will work out, just take a few minutes for yourself.

Audrey said...

I so added you on facebook. But that was the first time i've been on there in about a month, so don't expect much from me. Because I usually forget it's even there. Am awesome like that.

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