Faulty Eyeballs and Disney Princesses.

One has to question whether their laser eye surgery recovery is progressing well, when one is at the check-out of the grocery store perusing magazines when they happen to catch a glimpse of the cashier's name badge. And subsequently does a double take, when reading said name badge and realising it says Cinderella.

One then has to question their sanity, when they spend the next few seconds staring at the cashier, wondering why in the world someone would name their daughter Cinderella. And honestly, as much as Disney movies are fabulous, couldn't her mum
have gone for something a bit more inconspicuous like Jasmine? Or
even Belle. Pocahontas would probably be pushing it, but still. Cinderella?

Ont then got to thinking that if Cinderella really was her name, surely they would change the name badge to say Cindy or something, simply to avoid the weird glances? And one then came to the conclusion that by looking at her facial features, this cashier really doesn't look like a Cinderella at all. Or even a Cindy, for that matter. That poor girl!

One eventually realises that it's about time to head home and get some sleep because this head cold really is still well and truly kicking their arse, and besides, the girl's name badge actually read Gabriella, you stupid idiot, so stop thinking before you hurt yourself, please.

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