It feels as though I've had this house to myself for a heck of a lot longer than just four days. Like any twenty year old male with a girlfriend, Ajay sort of floats between here and . . . well, wherever else he goes in his spare time, leaving me and the house alone to bond. But you know, even though I do my share of domestic duties at the best of times, I still share the load between four people, leaving me somewhat more spoiled than most.

Needless to say, after the fourth load of laundry, tenth kitchen clean-up and thousandth yell at Ajay, the novelty of this house-sitting business has worn off just a tad. All cleaning aside, I'm actually enjoying the calm for now, even though it's bloody lonely sitting in this house with noone to talk to! But if I had the choice between frosty early mornings and cruising down Route 66? I think I know what I'd choose.

I've mentioned before that Penelope the Ipod has a very clever trick of pulling out appropriate songs at appropriate occasions? Guess what song I was presented with as I was on the treadmill this evening, contemplating the massive pile of clothes that needed folding and wondering what the chances were of Ajay actually doing anything in the next four weeks?

'Life is a Highway.'

Yeah, yeah. I'm the boring one stuck at home NOT on the road trip, we've established that. Way to rub it in, bitch!

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Lis said...

I tried not to laugh, but I couldnt help myself lol
I have these visions of Kathryn sitting in the states reading your blog laughing too lol

heike said...

Yeah, I know where I would rather be, too. :(

Emily said...

I wish your iPod would communicate with my iPod. It NEVER picks the right songs.

Aimee said...

Funny stuff. But, the good news is, when you do get your own domestic goddess residence, it won't come with a built in 20 year old son! :D

Laurel said...

At least Life is a Highway is much less depressing than like "all by myself" or something, right?

Julz said...

ummmm, clearly you need a girly weekend. *starts to pack* I'm on my way! :P

Melanie Harris said...

Lol im sure Kathryn is reading and laughing.

Teacher A said...

I vote you sort out his laundry and leave it in a pile for him to do on his own. He should know how to do it by now (and if not, perfect learning opportunity).

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