The Gift of Words (aka Happy Birthday Lara!)

A good friend of mine is having a birthday soon, and has requested that we dedicate any sort of celebratory post to a person of our choice. Almost instantaneously, I knew that I wanted to focus my gift around one of my blogfriends - I'd like to think that my real life friends and family members know how important they are to me, leaving me to choose someone who might not be aware themselves of how lovely they are.

I've been sitting here for a while, pondering who I was going to choose - which person to acknowledge as being someone that has made a difference to me in some way or another. Because let's face it, you're ALL pretty damn awesome. (Why else would we be friends, huh?) Maybe one day, I'll get motivated enough to get around to writing  a monumentally sappy post dedicated to all of my mates from internet-land, because it's funny how a couple of comments and a couple of emails go such a long way. Geez, I haven't even started my letter and I'm already rambling, this can't be good. And now for the long-awaited (and very much long-winded) letter, with complimentary cheese.

(Mmmmm. Cheese.)
Sorry about that. I have cheese on the brain.

My dear friend,

I can't even remember how we managed to find each other on the internet, but I have a feeling it was through stalking Amalah, correct me if I'm wrong here. (Am not renowned for having a fabulous memory.) I do remember you being one of the first commenters that came by and showed me some loving back in the day, which made me feel pretty special. (Alright, I'll admit it, I still feel special whenever people comment. Fine. Sheesh. Happy now?) Before I discovered Bloglines, yours was one of the first blogs I would stalk, waiting for updates. You're just that special!

The way you write never fails to remind me that you'd be the kind of person I would love to hang out with for coffee or drinks in real life, and you always crack me up! I love that you love animals, I love how cute you and your man are as a couple, I love that you bowl, and I love how you're real. (Told you there would be cheese involved, see?)

You're one of the few, if not only person who knows of (and is interested in) my personal blog that is kept hidden, and you're one of the few people that I actually would want to know about it. I have always appreciated how supportive you are of my struggles, and I am SO proud of how much you have accomplished. You always were beautiful, and that fact is still true now!

So thanks, Aimee for being an awesome part of my blogging family. You're lovely, and I think you're a-okay!

Much love,

Now back to the birthday girl, a 25th shout out goes to Lara - wishing you all the best from this here part o' the world! Thankyou for being the gorgeous person that you, and I truly hope the coming year brings you lots of joy. (And lots of real AND internet gifts too!)

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Marianne said...

You know, I think we all should give Aimee lots of love. She's sweet and super funny.

And you, missy, you're adorable.

Jen said...

"I'd like to think that my real life friends and family members know how important they are to me, leaving me to choose someone who might not be aware themselves of how lovely they are."

If only that were true :(

(yes, Jen is going through another stage of being an insecure blob. Hopefully this one doesn't last long).

Anyway, it took me a while to figure out just who your letter was too, Lara or Aimee. I'm a slow little Jen at times.

And I'm still confused over this hidden journal business. Let Jen know. Or tell Jen it's hidden from her too, and she'll try not to cry.

Lara said...

great choice - aimee is totally awesome. i'm glad she's one of my bloggy friends, too.

not to mention you, you big sweetheart! thanks for the gift. :)

Lindsey said...

Love Aimee! Great choice! It's crazy how connected I feel to my blog friends too. Sometimes I feel like I know you guys so well that I can't believe we've never even met. I hope when you come to the states that you plan on stalking me.

Noelle said...

I love blog friends. It's a reminder that only the accident of geographical location keeps us from meeting people who like us and are like us.

Aimee said...

Awwwww. You're such a sweetie. This post was a great way to start my day!! Thanks so much!

I, too, agree with everyone else with the bestest-ness of having bloggy friends - and how after the initial, "my friend Aly - you know, from the blogs" just turns into "my friend Aly" and you know that you're "real life" friends and family know who you're talking about - that's pretty awesome.

Love you, girlie!

Laurel said...

I want in on the Aimee-Love party, too! Mwah, mwah! This post is so sweet--you're a great bloggy friend!

heidikins said...

Loves to Aimee, and all the other bbf's (best blogging friends) that have changed our lives! Cheers to the blog craze!


Carrie said...

That is sooo sweet. Aimee is fantastic. I have no idea how we found each other either.

julie said...

That's funny, I love Aimee too!!

She inspires me all the time to be on my best behavior!

You're making me tear up...

Aimee said...

Poor Julie. I don't want to take away your fun - go ahead and do the bad behavior thing every once in awhile (and invite us!) lol

Oh! and Aly - I think you made a funny comment on Amalah's blog and I followed your link. :) That's how I found Nicole P. too - and I have no idea about anyone else. LOL

LaLa said...

I wonder if Amalah realises how many friendships her comments have spawned? She has a lot to answer to ;)

I so wish the world wasn't so big then we could all drink beer and paint each others nails. *sigh*

The nicest part about blog friends? Sometimes they know you better than your "real life" friends. :) xx

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