Reports Schmapports, Revisited.

It's already that time of year again; it's officially Winter.

(No comments from you warm Northern Hemisphereans, please.)

We had a really mild Autumn here, it wasn't cold at all. Then all of a sudden there comes a cool change, and it becomes bloody impossible to get yourself out of bed in the morning because DAMN, it's cold.

(It's true, I was so warmly entangled in my bedsheets this morning that they got caught up on my foot as I stumbled out of bed, and I swear, the big toe on my right foot is broken because of it.)

But it's not only time for hot chocolates and laziness again, it's also time for our half-yearly school reports to be completed. I whined about it last year, and I'm ready to whine about it again, thanks.

Report writing is bloody hard work. There are so many areas we need to grade the kidlets on, we need to rate their efforts in each subject, describe their overall work ethic as well as writing a comment for every subject that we teach. Let me run those by you; English, Mathematics, HSIE, PDHPE, Visual Arts, Science & Technology, Dancing, Drama, Music, COGS, as well as a general overall comment.

Piece of cake. (Did someone mention cake? Mmm. Cake.)

And this year? Not only is it difficult to write positive comments for the kidlets who are struggling in an academic sense, it's difficult in another sense too. I now need to get creative and come up with new and unique comments to describe the "naughty little turds" (a direct quote from last years report card ranting!) that I haven't already used in their previous report cards. Yar! My brain! It hurts!

But what I find really interesting? At this exact same time last year, I was also recovering from a cold. Apparently the snot-germs really have an effect on me the second it turns into Winter. Fuckers.

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Lis said...

It is cold up here in Brissie too!
Dont envy you the report writing.
Would you like me to recite some of my boys previous ones for inspiration for you lol

Pink Herring said...

What! I thought it was warm and sunny all the time in Australia! Guess I'll cross Down Under off my list of places to move... Hawaii just moved back to the top of the list.

If it's any consolation, it was so hot here this weekend that I had to pull my car over at a grocery store and use their bathroom to towel myself off. Classy. I really should get my AC fixed.

julie said...

So weird to hear you talk about winter.
Its chilly here in Boston now too.
Rainy and like 55 degrees.

Good luck with the reports.

Lara said...

man, winter would be nice right about now...

good luck with those reports. :)

Laurel said...

Don't worry, six months from now us Northern Hemisphere-rs will be uber jealous of Australian summer, too! My sister is also in the Southern Hemi right now, so your weather makes me think of her.

Good luck with all your report card grading. grr.

Jitta said...

broken toes suck. i once was walking over to the couch, got my big toe stuck in my PJ pants, tripped, and flew head first into the couch.

my toe hurt, and lara laughed at me.

but i did it all with class and sophistication.

Carrie said...

Just say that the child is challenging. That could mean a lot of things.

Marianne said...

Heh! I'm sorry to laugh at your misery, but you're adorable.

Audrey said...

I forgot about report cards! Now I am SO excited for Tim to grade his students. I predict that it will be hugely entertaining for me.

Good luck with those comments! You could go with something vague like "Little Joey is QUITE a student!" "I've never had any student like Katie before!"

angela said...

It's weird to me to think that it's cold there, but don't worry, we'll be jealous of you in about six months so it all evens out.

Lindsey said...

I say get a very large hot chocolate and just curl up and enjoy the winter. It's totally summer here...oh yeah, I wasn't supposed to talk about it. :-)

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