[Crickets Chirping.]

You realise you have got absolutely nothing of importance to say when;

a) You have your blog open on the 'Compose New Post' page for six hours and haven't typed a single word.
b) You wait around for something interesting to happen, just so you can blog about it.
c) You can't be arsed to blog about a single one of the topics that  happen to come into your head.
d) Your fingernails are blue from lack of use, and bed looks much, much more appealing than typing anyway.

I think it's about time I gave the heck up already. Besides, it's Saturday. What better day to self-indulge and have a little r&r? Wishing you wonderful weekend thoughts doing whatever it is you're doing.

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Melanie Harris said...

Yep, Im having one of those days too Alynda.
Have a relax and hopefully you will blog tomorrow.

Lis said...

Arent you spose to party it up when the parents go away lol

Svanhvit said...

Oh, don?t I know what you mean, I sometimes have those days, too. Mostly I write about my kids anyways.... Enjoy your cuddle-up time!
Big hugs

Lara said...

just fyi, you don't actually *have* to put a post up every day. i mean, you could just go silent. it would be okay. :-P

you put too much pressure on yourself. go sleep for a while. in fact, i think i'll doo the same...

Lindsey said...

LOL Well your new blog layout is absolutely gorgeous!! I am in love with it!

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