Excuse Me While I Frolic. And then Whinge.

So I don't usually mention anything weight related on this blog, I tend to keep it private and only very few people have access to my other blog that rambles on about food and exercise and blah blah blah. Just after reading that one sentence, you've probably figured out why;  I assume that most people just aren't interested in reading weight loss blogs, unless they're actually in the process of doing it for themselves. The short story? It's semi-boring-ish, and I'm trying to spare you all.

Obviously though, there must be a point to all this drivel, because I've already wasted about ten seconds of your time rambling on about weight stuff and blogs and all that other stuff I was trying to keep hidden away. Why yes, this point is sort of exciting, and why yes, there is whinging that comes along with it, hence the reason for it being posted on this here blog.

Phew. Was that a long-winded post introduction or what?

Moving right along, over the last few months I have been in the process of having a lifestyle makeover. I don't like the word diet. Shit. I said it. Naughty girl. I much prefer lifestyle makeover. Sounds nicer and puts less pressure on everyone involved, or at least that's what I've convinced myself, anyway. I've half heartedly been in the midst of a lifestyle makeover since oh, about three years ago now? But like most of my projects, procrastination took over and I ended up with my weight bouncing all over the place but not really being altered in any positive way. As of the beginning of the year, I decided it was about time to start putting the wheels in motion, because if looking (and feeling) like a lard arse in a foreign country next year isn't enough of an incentive, I don't know what is. And besides, I'd love to feel comfortable in my own skin sometime this decade.

So I put my foot down, and I started being serious about things. We're lucky enough to have a pretty awesome treadmill here at home, so armed with Penelope the Ipod (ha! she is named!) I got busy and tried to keep up at least some sort of exercise every day. I line danced every so often with my mum. I went to the gym when I could be bothered, although I've since come the conclusion that I'm not a very motivated chook when I'm at the gym and I work out much harder on my own. I started not long ago on the Couch to 5k running programme, and have been forcing myself to jog, bitch, jog whenever I can.

Believe it or not, for the first time things are actually working. I'm losing, albeit slowly, and since March I've lost over 10kgs. (22lbs, for anyone who doesn't use kgs.) Don't get me wrong, today's Monday morning weigh-in was the one that brought me to that goal, and I'm ecstatic about it. But I do have one complaint: Why have I not changed physically?

Most people when they're starting weight loss are told to ignore the scales (because they LIE, those evil, evil contraptions) and to judge by how you feel, how your clothes fit, how your measurements indicate loss. For me? Things seem to be the opposite. My scales show me losing weight, yet I'm still sitting here in the same old clothes I've had since March. Things are getting slightly looser, but after 10kgs? I was expecting to be at least one size smaller. It's left me feeling pretty paranoid, because what scale weight do I have to meet, in order to actually look healthier?  It would be nice to have a new, smaller wardrobe.

It's driving me crazy, and I hate that I'm so busy thinking about the physical non-loss instead of celebrating the actual loss. I am feeling fitter. I am feeling healthier. But seriously folks, unless I have a really skinny big toe or something, I have got no clue as to where the 10kgs has disappeared from. So, give me some thoughts on all this. Am I just  going crazy?

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kirby said...

you actually LOOK a whole lot healthier too.. not that you ever really looked unhealthy... but you have a glow now that I am entirely envious of.
Weight is, well.. a weighty issue. It's hard to tell, because everyone is different. Kristie that I used to work with could loose half a kilo and we'd notice. So could Ana *that's because both those bitches had the fastest motabolism I've ever seen on another human being*... but other people can loose and loose and loose and it's hardly noticable, like my sister.... To me, as I saw you in February and then again in May - you do honestly look like you've slimmed down... and I'm not just saying that..I'm wondering if it's a case of you see yourself every day... so you don't notice as much... like my sister sees Elizabeth every day so she hardly notices how much she's growing, where people like us do...?

janet said...

as, yes, the perplexing world of losing weight. 22 lbs is awesome! It is a little odd that you don't actually feel smaller in your clothes, but sometimes I just think it takes the body time to catch up with itself, ya know? You are doing everything right by losing it slowly, and you will be rewarded if you just keep being patient, I promise!

Jen said...

I've put on 10kg. And the same clothes still fit me. Some feel tighter, but others... not so much. So maybe it doesn't make lots of difference? I haven't seen you to comment on any difference. However, I am sure you look hot.

Where is this other blog you speak of, and have I read it?

Melanie Harris said...

I do think it is because we look at ourselves in the mirror everyday so we can't see it. I have lost 5.5kgs and I can feel the loose clothes but I can't really see it all that much.

Congratulations on the loss, that is awesome.

Lindsey said...

It's funny because even though I'm not currently on a "diet" (I just try to do the lifestyle thing like you), I love reading about weight loss and health stuff! When I graduated college 3 years ago I was about 35 lbs heavier, so I pretty much love hearing about other people's successes. I'm also willing to be a cheerleader too because I know how hard it was and how long it has taken me to get to this point, physically and mentally. Well, enough about me...maybe you are putting on muscle?? Do you gain muscle easily? That would be the best explanation I would say. Whatever the case, don't beat yourself up over it. You'll get there!! So feel good about your accomplishment and don't worry...the rest will come!

nancypearlwannabe said...

No worries, Aly, it takes about 25 pounds to drop a size, which may seem like a lot, but you already look great! And congrats on doing so well with your goals. You are my inspiration for the summer. :)

Laurel said...

Kilograms means nothing to this stupie American, but 22 Pounds!! Good lord, woman, you have been working HARD.

You know I am the biggest running advocate ever, ever, ever but I will tell you that running doesn't always make your clothes fit looser right away--it builds a lot of muscle, particularly in your bum and thighs. I'm very pear shaped and carry fat in my bum and thighs anyway, so they haven't gotten *that* much smaller. However, they're way stronger. Eventually, however, you build the muscle you need and you will see a difference in your pants.

Your lifestyle makeover sounds so amazing and takes a lot of motivation. Good for you!

Operation Pink Herring said...

I've been working on a "lifestyle" change too, since dieting never works long-term for me. 22 lbs is great!! I've been doing this since January and I've only lost 10lbs (although I'm quite proud of that).

Sometimes it takes awhile for your body to re-adjust itself. I've been at the same weight for about 3 weeks now, and my clothes just started to fit better.

CONGRATS and keep up the good work!

Marianne said...

I would love to cheer for you too, Aly! If you need it. I'll be the fat girl in the corner celebrating. :)

Teacher A said...

Congratulations! I started working out regularly last July and have since lost 15 lbs., but 22 since March is really impressive. One thing I've noticed is that most of my clothes still fit, just a bit looser, since most of them have a bit of stretch to them. The only pants I had to give away were the ones that didn't have any stretch to them at all. That could be why your clothes still fit.

Lia said...

I guess I understand about the euphemism, but "diet" is easier to type. Sorry for saying a four-letter word.

It sounds like you're making progress, so ignore any advice that doesn't give you the encouragement you need. If the scale is encouraging, listen to it. If the waistline is encouraging, listen to it. Eventually, they'll agree.

velocibadgergirl said...

When I got back from California, the scale said I'd lost 10 pounds. I only noticed because one bra fits a little bit better. Still wearing the same pants, same shirts, same everything. Still can't fit into my smaller stuff. Still have a big fluffy tummy. So, it's not just you. ;)

Seriously, though, congrats on losing 22 pounds! That's really fantastic! :D

VirginiaGal said...

Yay! Good for you! (and a few more !!!!!!!, just because)

kat. b said...

NEVER FEAR! As a weight loss veteran in the middle of a very loooong journey to her goal weight, I can tell you that either the measurements are changing, or the scale is. They almost never change at the same time. At least for me. I haven't lost weight in weeks, but I've been losing centimetres in my waist. It takes a while for your body to catch up and reshape itself when you lose weight.

Hang in there. It'll kick in soon. I promise.

Ashley said...

Wheee! Congrats :) I'm so impressed. I've only ever lost 10 lbs (gained when working at an ice cream shop! lol) so 22 might as well be infinity to me. Keep on running! It's a wonderful way to manage your weight. It has really helped me. (It makes up for my insatiable sweet tooth!)

julie said...

I need to have a lifestyle makeover too.
I just wish I had a treadmill at home, that would help me.

I've heard that sometimes you loose a lot of water weight and the first thing you loose is your BOOBS!

Come on!! My BOOBS??!!! WHYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

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