Now Say... Bananas!

Sticking with the whole 'this time last year' theme, roughly twelve months ago I was having my first ever school photographs taken with my class. Just like last year, the kidlets had to take off their jumpers and stand in the cold for their photos, spitting out words like 'monkeys!', 'bananas!' and 'spaghetti!', shivering like loons, and trying to smile all at the same time. Not such an easy task, you know.

Last year, I had one student physically removed from the class photograph, because my lovely tantrum thrower chucked a wobbly and refused to smile. That was a moment to remember.

This year, I had a whopping thirteen students turn up at school, meaning that my class is going to look insanely small in the picture. Of those thirteen, only six of them were girls. Of those thirteen, only four were in the correct school uniform. Of those thirteen, only one of them tried to climb up onto the back of the photography stairs and smack another kidlet on the back of the head.

No tantrums? Good times. Fan-bloody tastic times, in fact.

Now I'm just hoping that the end result doesn't end up quite as 'beached whale' looking as last year. That'd be just dandy.

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nancypearlwannabe said...

Hee! So cute. You must scan the pictures and put them up!

Noelle said...

When I vacationed in Australia with my family, my mother spent most of her time photographing the children in their school uniforms. It got to be a little creepy, but we had to admit that those kids are so damn cute with the matching hats. If kids in the states were given cute hats to go with uniforms, maybe the concept would take off beyond Catholic school.

Sarah said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! I am sure you and your class are adorable. I used to love school picture day...

julie said...

So how many kiddies do you usually have?

And what in the world is "chucked a wobbly"?

jittacatgirl said...

wow. sounds like a thrilling time.

i hated picture day, but mostly that was because i was an ugly kid.

Teacher A said...

I'm dying of curiosity. What is "chucking a wobbly"?

Teacher A said...

Thinking more on school pictures, I always hated them because I would always look like I was smirking in them. Turns out, that's my normal smile and I never realized what it looked like.

Lis said...

lol at 'chucked a wobbly'
I have had some really bad school photos of mykids over the years...with the odd few good ones.
I feel for you

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