Would you like some Thai food to go with that new Blog?

So twenty four hours later, I'm still pretty excited about the fact that I've changed websites. Let's face it, it's a monumental occassion in the history of blogging. Mark it in your calendars, you saw it here first, yada yada yada.

After spending a fair few hours a couple of minutes harrassing people with questions about gizmos and gadgets, and just a little extra time fiddling around with functions (trying to convince myself that I knew how to use CSS) I'm right back to where I started. Little old me, who can't do much more than work the section of my website that says "New Post".

But that's all that matters, right?

Besides, as fascinating as this blogging move has been, there's more to life than domains and being a dork. (Gasp! I know. Blasphemy! I hear you.) I have many more important life events to discuss with you all. In fact, I'll share one with you this very second.

[crickets chirping]
[tumbleweeds blowing by in the breeze]

I'm really hungry. And I've been craving Thai food like you would not believe. The cravings started last night.They're still here.

Cashew nut chicken stirfry. Garlic lamb. Oyster beef. Pad Thai. Green Curry. Rice. Plain, boring, boiled and sticky rice. Mmm. Is it too much information to tell you that I'm drooling right about now? Sadly, I won't be eating Thai food for dinner tonight. Why? Because I am lazy and can't be arsed to drive fifteen minutes to pick up the damn food.

Question of the Day: Why the heck doesn't my favourite Thai Restaurant deliver to your door? Discuss amongst yourselves. (And then bring me some food. Please.)

Edit: So my brother has been living under a rock for years and has never tried Thai food before, so with a little convincing and the wave of a $50 note, he went down to the store to pick some up for me. Apparently bribery works wonders.

And also? Am poor now. But completely satisified. Mmm. Food.

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Lala said...

"Why the heck doesn’t my favourite Thai Restaurant deliver to your door? "

Because from YOUR favourite Thai restaurant to MY door is a hell of a long way?

Thai is one of the few things I never crave because inner-Sydney is over-populated with Thai restaurants... I hestiate to say this... but I am almost sick of Thai. I shall send all the Thai restaurants near my house to your house!

nancypearlwannabe said...

Never had Thai food?! That's crazy talk. And now I want curry. Damn.

Leslie said...

I love, love, LOVE the site! Beautiful graphic at the top! Also like the "brand new home, same old whinging" bit. Very cute!

alana said...

Oh god, I completely understand the hell that is Thai food cravings. The Thai restaurant down the street from my house just closed, and that is absolutely unfair. I guess I'm gonna have to find another.....sob!

Virginia Gal said...

Very spiffy new site. And now I could go for some Thai food as well! Luckily there is a Thai restaurant not 5 minutes from my office. But they do not deliver. Boo.

Operation Pink Herring said...

Oh, food cravings. I swear, if/when I'm ever pregnant... the world is in trouble.

I just had to look up the conversion for AU to US dollars, and holy cow. I'd bring you Thai food for $42 US dollars! Please tell me that included the food!

Julie said...

mmmmmmm Thai food.
In Boston my favorite Thai place delivers, so I cannot share your pain. But I do share your love of Thai food!!

Love the new space.
I want one!

Carrie said...

Drool Thai food.

Emily said...

Love the new site! Love Thia food even more :) If you had to be craving something at least Thai food is better than a Big Mac.

Audrey said...

Love the new site! I remember when I registered my own domain a little less than a year ago and it was SO exciting! Am such a geek. But a geek who has no idea how to do lots and lots of tech things.

There is new Thai food place opening up by my office, and I am very excited to check it out!

Teacher A said...

Mmmm.... Thai food. Now you're making me hungry.

Laurel said...

1. The new digs are mega cute! Congrats!

2. Move to NYC. EVERYONE delivers to your door here!!!!

angela said...

That sounds so good right now, even though I've already had First Dinner and Second Dinner. What's with me tonight?

elysa said...

Thai food has my heart

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