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[You may want to give this post a miss if you're not in the mood for reading a post where I waffle on about television shows. It's in your best interests.]

Most people that frequent my blog know that I'm a trifle obsessed with collecting DVD boxsets. I don't bother watching much television when a show is currently screening, but you can bet money that I either a) own, b) am in the prospect of owning, or c) plan to one day own that show in boxset format. (My obsession used to be shoes .. now this .. I think they're both just as bad as each other.)

The first television show that I owned was bought as a gift for a birthday, a couple of years ago: The original CSI. That was it; I was hooked. Then I discovered EzyDVD and the lure of free shipping, and it all went downhill from there.

Here's a current list of the shows which I own, in no particular order.

CSI (1-5), House (1-2), Grey's Anatomy (1-2), Dawson's Creek (complete), Charmed (complete), Roswell (complete), Will & Grace (1-4), Felicity (complete), ER (1-7), Nip/Tuck (1-2), Supernatural (1), Without a Trace (1), 24 (1-3), Gilmore Girls (1-6), Smallville (1-4), Party of Five (1), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (complete) & The X-Files (complete.)

Say it with me now: NEEEEEEEEEEEERD.

Since I'm such a collector, I've made a number of observations about my favourite shows. And being such a kind soul with too much time on her hands, I'd love to share them.

Observation #1 - 24
I would hate to be an actress working on this show. I mean, the show is great, they probably make a fortune out of it, but imagine wearing the same outfit & hairstyle for the entire series? It'd make me a trifle miserable, I think. I'm back at Season 1 (which I've never seen before, I started at about Season 4 when it was free-to-air) and it's a lot less .. fabulous .. than the current series. Jack looks MUCH hotter now. And I miss the Jack Sack.

Observation #2 - Felicity
When I was in New Zealand, a big electrical storm hit my area. My el-cheapo $30 DVD player was fried in the process, and I was thrilled to recieve a new, more expensive model as its replacement. Yeah. Thrilled. For all it's perks (It plays videos! And dvds! On one remote!) it is not multi-region friendly. Meaning that even though I finally own all of Felicity thanks to Amazon, I can't even watch the bloody things. I don't know what happens after Season 1, which of the boys does she choose? (If you tell me, I may hurt you.) Shit, Bugger, Crap. The verdict: Flashy isn't always better. I miss you el-cheapo!

Observation #3 - The X-Files
It's still just as spooky as it was when I was 12. I'm just saying.

Observation #4 - Gilmore Girls
I can only watch this show in small doses. Rory pisses me off way too much, and I still stand by the fact that those two girls should be huge giant porkers what with the amount of junk that they consume. So not realistic and/or fair. Whores!

Observation #5 - Dawson's Creek
Seeing what an annoying drama queen Joey turns into, it doesn't surprise me that she's turned into an annoying trophy wife. And even though I was always a fan of Pacey hotness over Dawson hotness? Dawson is looking mighty fine in Season 6.

Observation #6 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
They should never have canned this show. How could they leave it like that? And Spike! I loved me some Spike action. I would have happily kept watching this show, if only for the fact that SMG's hair is always really, really pretty.

Observation #7 - CSI
There is still a part of me that secretly wants to be a forensic scientist. I blame this show. Oh, and Nick should never have shaved off his hair in Season 5.

Observation # 8 - Roswell
I'm secretly in love with Max, years after the show was axed. Sigh. What a dreamboat.

Observation #9 - Charmed
I still get excited whenever I see the intro to this show, because the last time we were in LA, we did a tour and actually saw the external of the house they base the Halliwells in. (We saw the set of Stars Hollow as well, but we were more interested in stalking Noah Wyle at the time of that particular tour.)

Observation #10 - About Me, Myself & I
I put off watching my favourite boxsets until absolutely last. Like the X-Files, for example. I looked for these babies everywhere, before I ended up purchasing them cheaply from an Asian country (my boxes have pretty symbols all over them, and I have no idea what they mean!) and now that they're here? I refuse to watch them. I'll save them until I have watched all of the rest of my DVDs, so that they'll be special. You see? I'm a nerd.

In case you were wondering, my next television conquests are going to be Angel (1-5), ER (8), CSI (6), Melrose Place (2) & 90210 (1 & 2). I have such classy tastes, don't you think?

I'm a good cause; feel free to donate!

(Oh, and if you have any suggestions on shows that I've missed, feel free to share.)

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Siany said...

I used to LOVE Charmed, and last year I hired out pretty much all the seasons of Dawsons Creek!! My friends think Im a nred too! High Five to you!! lol My bf and I have just hired out Seasons 1-5 of Scrubs, and are waiting for Season 6 to finish on TV so they will bring out the DVD. You HAVE to buy that!! Its hilarious!! Oh, and Sex and the City - I never watched it on TV but borrowed the entire series from a friend and loved it!! Hope that helps!! xx

cady said...

i am a tv show addict too. i got gilmore girls season 1 off ebay and it ended up coming from china, i think. it has everything written in english and symbols. hehe. i want 90210 too. i love that show.

Caty said...

you already know that I loooooooove Roswell (but I like Michael =) ) but wow we have such a similiar taste!My favorit is dawsons creek!(unfortunatly I don´t have it on DVD but that day will come...)I love season 3 when Henry (Michael Pitt-who I adore) falls in love with Jen!!!So who´s the nerd now!? =)
P.S.: In Feb´08 I´m going to study at the ACU for one semester!!!=)

Operation Pink Herring said...

Joel also hoards DVD box sets, although he has nowhere near as many as you. But he never watches them. which is weird. I love getting past seasons of good shows from Netflix, because it takes away all the agony of waiting for next week's episode... you can just watch the entire season at once!

And I'm going to forgive you for being a CSI fan (I cannot stand that show) because you are a Buffy lover. It takes a strong kind of woman to admit to loving Buffy, and I'll say it too: God, I loved that show. I never got into Angel because I didn't think it could be as good as the Buff.

Audrey said...

You've gotta get some HBO shows. Entourage, Sopranos, 6 Feet Under, Rome (OMG Rome! I love that show so much!). You should also get the Office because Jim Halpert is dreamy.

I love watching shows on DVD because there's no waiting between episodes. If you're dying to find out what happens next, you just put the next one on. It's fantastic. Tim and I have been known to spend entire Saturdays in the basement having DVD show marathons.

Aimee said...

I LOVE me some Pacey. Yum!

Carrie said...

How on earth do you find time to do this?

You suck for saying you were 12 when x-files came. lol

Teacher A said...

We've got a whole bunch of those shows. The X-Files is definitely still creepy, but I find it much more followable than when I first watched it (which was on a cappy b&w TV hidden under my bed with the volume turned way down low (I wasn't supposed to be watching it).

Oh, I would really recommend getting Dead Like Me. It is only two seasons (another show axed before its time) and is both hilarious and thought provoking. We're constantly lending it to friends.

Laurel said...

OMG... who will Felicity choose? That question is such a flashback to 1999 for me. The big second series premiere episode was one of the first mass-television viewing events in my dorm my freshman year of college. MAJOR bonding!

(Don't worry, I'll never tell. But, when you get a multi-region DVD player, email me so we can dish.)

Lia said...

I'm feeling too ADD to read this right now, but I wanted to say - congrats on the new home. Very lovely!

Julie said...

I love most of the shows on your list here.
X-files- Scares the crap out of me.
24- My Fave show.
Charmed- Another FAVE.


-R- said...

I have not seen most of those shows! I used to love CSI but haven't seen it for a while now. And I loved Felicity too! I won't tell you who she picks at any point, but I always thought Ben was hotter.

kirby said...

how did i not know about this?
I also know what happens in felicity.. but will not tell you.

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