I've already dubbed the latter half of 2007 as being a pretty average time frame, despite the fact that it hasn't even happened yet. My other half is going to be thousands of miles away. I have two full terms of schoolwork to do/teach. Ideally, I would like to lose another ten kilos in that time as well, which means a shitload of exercising and staying away from pizza. Not sounding too crash hot, in my humble opinion.

But things are starting to look up.

I have fabulous friends who I'm planning to stalk lots. (They don't actually know this yet.)
I have a hefty amount of reading to do. (I'm a nerd, and start back at Book 1 every time.)
I have a few movies I'm interested in seeing. (Anyone want to come? I'll shout popcorn.)
I even have a music concert that I'm going to attend. (They better not play after I leave!)

Now, if only I win the lottery between now and January, I'll be cheering.

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Lindsey said...

Dude, are you coming to VA or WHAT??

Julz said...

SPICE GIRLS! ^_^ they're playing Jan 12th methinks. I WANNA GOOOOO >_

Humor Girl said...

Girl, I'm a wino! haha If you call that a great summer, then yes ma'am! :)

kirby said...

a. I hope I'm one of those fabulous friends as I have plans for stalking you... and it's kind of not fun when it's one sided.
b. I'll gladly go to the movies with you, no need for popcorn shouting at all.
c. I hope you're talking about snow patrol.

Julie said...


If you miss them down under you can see them in London!

Audrey said...

I think those are all very good distractions to get you through the Dark Months that are the latter half of 2007. The internet is a really good distraction, too.

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