Because Sometimes You've Just Gotta Fess Up.

I have a dirty little secret, blog friends. I'm not afraid to tell you that I'm a trifle ashamed to admit it. It's just that I like to think I have fairly decent taste in music, even if my tastes are a little all over the place.

Aw heck. I've already lost a couple of thousand brain cells by listening to it all day. I might as well lose my dignity as well & put it out there.

Here goes:

I'm listening to a new Britney Spears song. (Even though she's batshit crazy.)
I've been listening to it all afternoon. (Even though the lyrics are terrible.)
I've even been seat dancing to it. (Even though I can't seat dance for peanuts.)
And I've been enjoying it. (Even though all my senses tell me to turn it off.)
I even plan on keeping it on my Ipod.

There. I said it.

I actually LIKE it. Now feel free to send in reinforcements to help me find my brain.

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Sarah said...

Yup. She sure is batshit crazy, but the girl can make a catchy tune that just sticks in your head.

Can't be helped. You've been Britney-ized.

Snoskred said...

This brings up an interesting question - how much does it matter what the person making the music is like?

I still love a lot of Britney songs and I have to say her craziness hasn't stopped me enjoying them. And I don't find myself visualising her meat purse while listening to them either. ;) That's a blessing!


Julz said...

hehe...I d/led it >_

kirby said...

admitting you have a problem is the first step towards healing.

I shouldn't say that... I haven't heard the new one. But I do have britters on my playlist, and read all about her crazy antics on "Oh No They Didn't"

Katie said...

I've actually not heard it yet, although I want to. It's got good reviews. In a way, I sort of hope she gets back on top of things, she was a good star and she has the potential to turn her life around.

Lindsey said...

I can't decide whether to love it or hate it. I'm trying really hard to hate it, but it's...just.......not.......WORKING. :-)

Michelle said...

OK I'll let you slide this time...
but you're only allowed ONE horrible
bandwagony pop music love. JUST ONE.

lol ;)

Leslie said...

Yes, Brit Brit has turned herself into everyone's favorite train wreck. It's like you KNOW you shouldn't be looking, but you JUST simply cannot help yourself.
Of course close at her heels in the crazy department is Amy "I've Got Creatures Living In My Hair" Winehouse.
Don't feel bad thesame thing happened to me when "Toxic" first came out. If I think about it too hard, it'll be stuck in my head all day!

Tasmiya said...

The music snob in me wants to say "you're dropped!" but the peaceful, let's all just get along part in me will say, "let us never speak of this again."

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