It's What I like About ... Me?

My stat links have been going haywire over the last few weeks, and so I've only just noticed that I was tagged by the lovely Erin. What better way to start the holidays than a meme full of positivity? Am not quite up to writing ten cheery statements this evening, but I'll tweak it around a little and make it fit into my strange mood.

  1. I can . . . hold a conversation, keep a secret, use patience; be a friend.

  2. I feel . . . lucky, adventurous, impatient; happy and sad all at once.

  3. I give . . . good hugs, free advice, nice smiles; myself up to change.

  4. I think . . . crazy thoughts, I'm broad-minded, in the future; all the time.

  5. I am . . . a pretty nice individual, a friend, a daughter, a partner; me.

And because I'm feeling creative, I can also respond light-heartedly to the above answers. Tongue in cheek, yes, but in all honesty? Completely true also.

  1. I can . . . procrastinate with the best of 'em, easily eat my entire pantry should I get too close to it, and almost hear my bed calling me.

  2. I feel . . . completely uninspired to exercise this week, jealous because I am feeling lonesome, and a trifle stale when it comes to blogging.

  3. I give . . . too much thought to what I would like be doing, and not enough to what I should be doing, and also good death stares. It's a talent.

  4. I think . . . it might be nice to make pancakes for breakfast tomorrow, that my car desperately needs a wash, and that all foods should be fat-free.

  5. I am . . . in my pj's before 8.30pm on a Saturday night, in dire need of a hairbrush, excited about my USA tour and really missing Jason right now.

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Tina Vaziri said...

mmm pancakes, haven't had those in forever, I like waffles a lot too. Now I'm hungry!

grungedandy said...

Sorry your feeling a little down so I thought I’d join in a little.

I can…. Fill a hall with the sound of my voice, without a microphone & on key!
I feel…. Very lucky and as stiff as a board this morning, payment for having so much fun yesterday.
I give … An amazing massage (when I’m not in need of one myself) & help when needed
I think.... Way too much & have a rampant imagination that reads too much into things & I let myself get hurt way too easily!
I am…. Soft on the outside as well as the inside, a good friend to anyone who wants one, a sucker for any animals, an artist and proud of myself!

Seeya hugya


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