The Birds & the Bees. (Just without the Bees.)

There's nothing like looking out of your window and seeing two pigeons getting, er, intimate in full frontal view of the entire class. You can tell it's Spring here.

I guess it's only natural that the kidlets would want to know what they were doing.

Aly: 'Er, they're probably just looking to find a partner.'

But how come that bird's feathers are all ruffled up like that?

Aly: 'Ah, he's most likely just showing off to the other bird.'

But why is that bird making all those loud noises? Is he hurt?

Aly: 'Well, I think he's most likely just.. really happy.'

Will those answers suffice? Hope so. I may be knowledgeable in a few areas, but the reproductive cycles of pigeons is not exactly one of my strong points.

In other news, this week has been full of sweet annoucements and celebrations from other couples. Lots of anniversaries, lots of sweet surprise gifts, an announced pregnancy, and now pigeons having sex in front of me? It must be something in the water. Way to rub it in, everyone. [insert pathetic sniffles here]

And congratulations, all!

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Lara said...

wow, i got nothing to add to the week. new boy finally came back from his trip but i think the time apart has set us back a little in our relationship comfort level. we're slightly awkward again. :(

Erin said...

Bird mating...that's hot.

And no terribly happy news here. Ted's school started up again as with the full time work and full time grad school I never get to see him. Guess I'll sit home alone with my dogs and blog!

Katie said...

Who's pregnant? How exciting! And you totally should have given those pigeons detention for that! That's HIGHLY inappropriate behaviour at a primary school!

Siany said...

Haha!! My boyfriend owns doves, and he thought they were both males which is why they kept "fighting".... yeah, um... they dont 'fight' anymore. Its so disturbing to watch!! lol!! Sounds like you handled the questions well...for now... hAHAhaHAHahAHA!!

angela said...

That's quick thinking, I must say! I think you did a great job of satisfying their questions -- much better than the old standby of ask your parents tonight when they pick you up.

Leslie said...

It is scary that you posted on this topic today. (Or tomorrow...whatever!) My daughter just today took the clothes off of her Miss Piggy puppet and the next thing I knew, Kermit was kissing the almost nude pig. I asked her why she did that and was told she had seen it on t.v. and then we had a big talk. I skirted the REAL answer--for now anyway. SOB! My BABY!!!

Jen said...

Even with my pigeon knowledge, I didn't know they had sex. I didn't even know birds had sex. I thought they just layed eggs and... I dunno how the males fit into it.

Lia said...

This is definitely a sign of something. Good answers.

Britt said...

Better pigeons than cows. How would you explain THAT?!?

Michelle said...

You really handled that well. I think I would have been speechless.

Dugi said...

hahhaha good job.

u r just too funny.

yeh overly happy so over u guys!

Laurel said...

I don't think I've ever seen birds getting intimate. I'm not sure I would have known what they we're doing! (I'm so innocent.)

minijonb said...

when i was a kid, i was at a party at my parents house
i saw two stay cats going at it in the backyard
all the adults were looking at them and didn't want to
say anything because i was looking at them
silly grownups

Julie said...

never. having. kids. ever!


AND WHO! WHO is happy!

natalie said...

I kid you not, a few years ago I started pondering the thought of bird mating, which I had never pondered before, and I thought it was something magical like when fish fertilize eggs outside of the female fish body. I thought that birds must do something similar. I even researched it on the googlenet.

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