Mum and I had a girly night and saw Hairspray at the movies, and I have to say; I loved it! Has made me want to go dancing around my house, and invest in one of those nifty dancing skirts. And on this note, I'm going to bed!

"You can't stop my happiness, 'cuz I like the way I am. And you just can't stop my knife and fork when I see a Christmas ham! And if you don't like the way I look, then I just don't give a damn!"

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Michelle said...

I was debating on whether of not to see that movie. I've heard mixed reviews. Maybe I will now :)

Meems said...

I haven't seen the new one, but the original has that effect on me. I must see the new one.

Nathan Pralle said...

It's amazing, but I can never leave a musical and NOT be singing or feeling good.

Laurel said...

I'm so jealous! I still haven't seen Hairspray, but my sister saw it in Africa already! I need to get with the program.

~Kathryn~ said...

it was FUN FUN FUN and gold class was pretty cool

You're like a stinky old cheese, babe
Just getting riper with age
You're like a fatal disease, babe
But there's no cure
So let this fever rage ......

heidikins said...

I loved Hairspray! I gotta admit, I saw it 3 times the first month it came out, and still loved it!


mcgee said...

hey! i came across your site when i joined twenty something bloggers today. i look forward to reading more!

also belated well wishes to your adorable rabbit.


Julz said...

haha I saw it again today ^_^

*sigh* and still my inner teeny keeps falling for zac efron.... >_

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