The Chronicles of Lucy.

Yes, the Lucy-bun saga just keeps on going . . .

The vet who was scheduled to perform Lucy's operation today was the rabbit specialist - he looked after Bella when she was sick, and helped give me options when I was at a loss of what to do next. I felt comfortable that I was leaving Lucy in good hands, so I signed her in for surgery and took off to go to the doctors myself. The parting words I received from the vet clinic were that I could call at 4pm to check-up on how the surgery went, or they had my number. I was preferring this not to happen, seeing as they generally only ring you if there is bad news.

But I digress. I ended up back at home and about two hours later, my telephone rang. [You can imagine the panic I went into when I recognised the caller ID.] The vet had rang to chat with me about Lucy; he had been doing another examination on her wounds before putting her under anaesthetic, and wanted to run an idea past me. He recited the risks of rabbit surgery I'd heard a dozen times before, and then came out and stated that the chance of the anaesthetic being fatal far outweighed the option of letting her wounds heal without surgery.

Of course, I was completely confused; what do I do? I'm not an expert by any means, so I asked bluntly what he thought I should do. His response was to try and stay as unintrusive as possible. In plain language, avoid the surgery. He told me that he had observed Lucy in the consultation hours and noted that she was a happy, jumpy bunny who didn't seem to experience any discomfort from the bite marks. I agreed with his decision, so once again my grumpy wee bunny is home with me.

She's doing okay, she's surgery-free and she's her usual head butting self. Over the next week, I'm to keep a close eye on her wounds, make sure no abscesses appear, keep her foods up and take her back for a visit next week. All well and good, I just have to squirt her antibiotic medicine into her mouth twice a day as well as putting ointment on the wounds. Let me just pause here for effect. Yes, I have the wonderful job of giving her medicine by mouth. Does this procedure sound familiar?

Anyone who has read my ramblings for a while now, will remember that I have done this before. Here's what I had to say back when I was treating Bella;

"She is hilarious when she has her meds; she makes it hard for me (but has never bitten, but eventually gives in. When the liquid goes in, out comes her tongue, and she sits up on her hind legs and swipes at her tongue with her paws.

If I spoke bunny, I’m sure she’d be saying "What the FUCK was that? Get it off!"

Ever tried giving a rabbit medicine before? Ever actually gone near a rabbit's mouth before? Ever seen the size of their chompers before? You'd think after administering medicine to one rabbit that I'd be an expert at the job.

Yeah, er, no. I'm apparently not.

When I played nurse for Bella, I wedged her in close to my body with one arm and got her mouth open for the medicine fairly uneventfully. Heck, I made it look like a fine art after a few weeks of practice. I figured I'd use the same maneuvere on Lucy, except that I was forgetting one small factor; she has pretty horrible open wounds. On her back. On her side. And she hates people going near her head, even to pat her. Yours truly is no exception to the rule.

It took me about fifteen minutes to eventually wrangle the medicine into her mouth this afternoon. Fifteen minutes! It's going to be a fun couple of weeks!

But honestly, I'm just happy that the vet is positive, that I'm doing what I can to make her well, and that she won't have the risk of anaesthetic hovering over her head. Hopefully with her medicines, some TLC and a little tmie, Lucy'll be good as new soon, give or take a few bald spots. And I can rest a little easier too; the price for today ended up being $80, plus another $80 for the new hutch I've purchased for her. There will be no more Ricky & Lucy snuggling from now on, unless they are in their outdoor enclosure with their momma supervising.

Oh, and as for my very own diagnosis? I;m the proud owner of a charming gastro intestinal bug. Except the vet didn't diagnose me. I went to a real doctor. Honest.

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Julie said...

So do you have to keep the bunnies apart while she is getting better??

I hope she does okay, but with you for a mommy I know she'll be fine.

Virginia Gal said...

Glad that Lucy could avoid surgery!

And you could avoid expense, etc. Not that you wouldn't have willingly paid had surgery been the only course of action, but it is nice to not have your savings plan entirely disrupted.

Best wishes to both of you on speedy returns to health!

-R- said...

Hey, vets are real doctors too! =)

I'm sorry that you are sick but glad that it sounds like the bunny will be ok!

Operation Pink Herring said...

It sounds like your vet is great... we used to go to a vet that really only cared about "business", meaning he would do a surgery even if the non-surgical option was better, just because he could charge more. Loser.

I know the dread of seeing the vet's number on the caller ID... and the trauma of trying to medicate an animal who is... "uncooperative". Max used to walk around spitting and foaming at the mouth after I gave him antibiotics.

If you want to commiserate, I'm here :) Feel better! (you and Lucy!)

Noelle said...

I am super happy that your bunny is okay.

But I am confused about something. This could be from the olden-times, but doesn't Australia have a problem with rabbits? (Hence the rabbit-proof fence?) I'm shocked that there are actual vets down there that specialize in keeping rabbits safe and healthy. Would you also be able to find someone help you with your pet bullfrog?

I hope not, because your bunnies are about 5,000 times cuter than bullfrogs. Hope she feels better soon!

Michelle said...

I'm glad that everything is going well with Lucy! :)

And I totally hear you on the medicine thing. While I have never had to give medicine to a rabbit, cats are probably right up there on the difficulty chart. Mine will usually spit it back out and it'll be all foamy and gross. And I end up scratched all over the place! From now on I ask for pills - much easier!!

Amber said...

I'm just catching up after my holiday - so sorry to hear about Lucy, but glad to hear she's avoided surgery and seems to be doing well. It's so awful when a pet is ill :(

Viviane said...

I'm glad Lucy did not have to have surgery, hopefully she will recover quickly!

Natalie said...

Dont you love good vets? I'm really happy for both you and Lucy. I'm sorry you have to administer medicine though... I know it's time for a good cleaning of Ms. Annie-Pantz ears, and I've been avoiding it for several days now. This evening I will clean the old ears. What an eventful Friday I have planned! Did you see my bunny that I started last Sunday? He's up on my blog if you want to see him. Maybe I'll make you one as a congratulatory gift for your positive health reports...

Kristabella said...

I would have just asked the vet. Two for one special!

Glad to hear Lucy is home and doing well. That's a good vet you have there!

And see? You're a good rabbit momma.

Viviane said...

Please update your blogroll as the link to my blog has changed:!

Sarah said...

Whew!! I am relieved to hear that Miss Lucy Bun did not need surgery. I am a big fan of the non-intrusive method. I've not given meds to rabbits before, but have to cats. Eek! It can be a trial.

Sorry to hear about your new GI bug. Yuck. But, it too, ;)

Hope you are both feeling better soon. Sending hugs from Canada >.

cady said...

i'm glad lucy didn't have to have surgery! i hope she gets better soon. and good luck with the meds...i totally feel your pain! our cats (especially julius) are AWFUL with meds.

Erin said...

Good luck playing nurse! It is tricky to give a bunny meds. I had to give my little bunny meds for months when she was sick with cancer. It's not a fun time!

archi's mum said...

THAT is wonderful news ... about the bun anyway, not about your GI bug :(

Archi has had several bites over her life and has done well letting them heal on their own. and yes female rabbits can be a bit pissy with one another. Archi cannot be near Riena, my other female bun, at all.

I'm glad it all turned out ok and lots less expensive.

Katie said...

I'm so glad she's not getting the surgery - I was quite worried because she's only small and a GA is pretty tough. Here's hoping she continues to improve and doesn't bite you. I've had to administer meds to Puddy via mouth and it's a terrifying thing!

And I hope you feel better soon - gastro is awwwwful. :(

Jen said...

I'm glad she didn't need surgery! I hope Lucy bun just recovers nicely, and at least some of the medicine gets in her mouth, and is swallowed. I have my cat-tablet method down pat by now, since Fizz likes to get sick more often than any other animal. I vaguely remember the difficulties in getting medicine in the mouth of a non-cooperative bunny. And most of it coming back into my hand.

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