Overheard in the Classroom #5

It's always a classic when my kidlets do speeches about a topic of their choice, because you hear some hilariously funny (and hilariously terrible) results.

Today's topic? Healthy eating. Very appropriate, what with my current health kick and all. Here's the good advice one of my kidlets came up with;

"Eat healthy foods and they will help you to get NOT fat."

If only it were that easy, eh? I'd be not fat already.

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Kelly said...

Give that kidlet a medal!
That's the cure to obesity right there, folks!

Katie said...

Actually there's some foods that do use up more calories EATING them than they contain! So maybe this kidlet really is onto something! ;)

RMB said...

I love little kids innocence :-)

Britt said...

I'd like to be NOT fat. Can you ask that kid for more information?

Julie said...

Btw- You made it through the first month.


Erin said...

Kids are so wise. They always seem to have the answers for everything!

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