A Linky Reminder.

After I cancelled my old Typepad blog, I moved all of my archives to my new home, here on Wordpress. Interestingly, sites like Technorati still show my old blog as ranked higher than the current one, most likely due to old links directing visitors to the old address. But what is even more interesting?

Someone has registered my old blog address!

And if you check it out, it has no contact information and appears to be promoting random products. In case you were wondering, the domain does not belong to me anymore. I'm well and truly moved, and I'm happy where I am.

I just thought I'd put out another friendly reminder for any of you who happen to have my humble link on your blogroll; could you please make sure you have changed the address?

www.breathe-gently.blogspot.com - Nice and simple.

And I promise, I won't be selling anything on this here blog anytime soon. Unless it involves freebies in the mail. Because let's face it, I'm a sucker for receiving parcels in the mail. [Hint, hint, to a certain significant other who has a rather special anniversary coming up very soon.]

Another Monday . . . is it the weekend yet? I have parent/teacher interviews all week, which is more than a little exhausting. Wish me luck.

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nancypearlwannabe said...

Too funny... someone else wanted a piece of the alyndabear action, I guess. :)

By the way, I'm reading an amazingly funny book about Australia (Bill Bryson's In A Sunburned Country), and it makes me want to visit SO BADLY. Just thought you should know.

janet said...

no doubt that someone registered in your typepad name because they want to capitalize on your traffic! grrrrrr! :)

Julz said...

parent teacher interviews....how did you get all grown up miss aly!? O_o

kirby said...

wow... blackhawk jackets, party tents AND soccer jearseys. Hilarity.

Kristabella said...

Um, weird.

But I was totally looking to buy a Blackhawk jacket!

Michelle said...

That's irritating! People will do anything to make a dime anymore.

Good luck with your interviews :)

Leslie said...

Blackhawk jackets. Hmm. It looks rather hinky to me. Weird.

Natalie said...

They must have registered your old domain reacently, because I clicked a link from Sarah Says and it took me to either a forward link or a nothing link. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... I think I found you through a comment on Sarah Says rather than the link, so who knows?

elysa said...

Have you thought about contacting the people who are still linking to your old url and letting them know to switch?

I also have a quick WordPress recommendation for ya - format your permalinks.

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