Operation Lucy Patch-Up, Round 2.

It's not over yet folks, but thanks for the well wishes so far. I have one more favour though; can you keep them going for today too?

Mum dropped Lucy off at the vet this morning as I had to head into the city for some professional learning, and called me at lunchtime - apparently the vet bill was looking at around $400 because of the severity of the injuries, and they wanted to check that I could afford to pay it before they operated. Of course being in meetings all day meant that I didn't get to respond in time, so Mum picked her up again this evening and brought her home tonight.

She'll be back in tomorrow, regardless of the cost. Oh my God, you should see the state of her bites/scratches - it's completely heartbreaking, and made me feel like the worst rabbit momma in the world all over again. The sores are much bigger than I'd imagined; the vet shaved and cleaned the wounds today, and without her fur hiding the wounds they are absolutely horrid. How she's even still walking, let alone acting like her normal self is beyond me.

The bottom line? She will be a pretty sore bunny tomorrow when all is said and done, and my two darlings will most likely have to be separated from here on in. As for me? Well, I'm still feeling terribly bad for poor Lucy, I'm feeling guilty about how bad the bites actually were, and I'm feeling a wee bit sorry for myself when I think of my financial situation. (I'm also feeling queasy, although that is probably from all the food I ate today.)

Bottom line is; Lucy is my baby. She is completely healthy and happy aside from her injuries, and I will do everything in my power to heal her and get her well again. My bank balance is just going to have to suffer for another few months. Keep the hoppy (ha! see what I did with that?) rabbit thoughts going for us, if you can!

Now it's late and I'm heading to bed, to see if I can kick the squick factor.

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Kristabella said...

Hey! It's my birthday in Australia! Gotta love the time difference. Maybe I should start drinking now. Even though it is 9:30 AM.

Get well Lucy! She sounds like a trooper, so I know she'll be fine!

Nathan Pralle said...

Aw...poor bunny. Here's hoping she comes out in one piece and fuzzier for the experience.

Yeah, pets hurt the bank account, don't they? Our cat is a great cat -- loving, calm, gentle -- but he has a urinary tract problem where he gets "plugged up" from time to time (3-9 months) and requires a catheter to get going again, to the tune of $150-$250 each time. We've thought many times of putting him down instead of paying it, but...he's a really great cat. Just bad urinary stuff. I dunno. We're suckers, I figure.

"kick the squick factor" is not an Aussie term I'm familiar with as of yet? :)

Operation Pink Herring said...

Poor Lucy, and poor you!

Julie said...

I hope everything goes well!

grungedandy said...

good luck to Lucy tomorrow, know what you mean on the vet side. We have a diabetic cat and she costs quite a bit not just in drugs but in cat litter, she pees a lot!
but we wouldn't have her put down, she such a dear little thing & we've had her since she was 6 weeks old & thats almost 16 years ago now!

keeping all paws crossed for you


Sarah said...

You're a great Rabbit Momma.

Never let yourself or anyone else tell you differently. :)

Michelle said...

Awe! I am definitely thinking of the both of you! Hope all goes well Alynda. :)

natalie said...

thinking of you both still, annie is too as she's all sprawled across the floor like a weimaraner skin rug.

Katie said...

Wow, $400! You are definitely a great Rabbit Mum for not hesitating to do what it takes to look after Lucy! I'm thinking of you both today.

archi's mum said...

Hi there - I see your comments on Kate's blog all the time and saw her mention she'd be thinking of your bun tomorrow so being the slave to 3 bunnies I had to check out what was up!

You are not a bad mum :-) I will be praying for the surgery to be successful. I know bunnies are always risky under anesthetic but the vet knows that too and do a great job. I have missed things on my pets and couldn't believe it but they tend to act as if all is well. It's a protection against looking weak, survival of the fittest and all that!

Hang in there! and keep us posted!
carri ann
aka archi's mum

angela said...

Oh no, poor Lucy! She's going to be alright, don't you worry.

And you are a great Rabbit Mum. There's not that many people who would throw down $400 without hesitation like you did.

Laurel said...

Get well soon Lucy!!! Sending you healthy bunny vibes all the way from NYC!

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