The Kidlets on Marriage.

I never used to wear jewelery to work, other than my watch. I figured I wasn't dressing up for anybody, so why bother? Plus, I have a keychain around my neck, which rubs horribly against any necklaces, and the majority of time I simply forget to put rings on.

Since Jason bought me my bling though, I've been making an exception and wearing my ring to school practically every day. Kidlets being kidlets, they notice everything. (And I mean everything. Don't even think about wearing those jeans two days in a row, unless you'd like to be called up on it.)

Kidlet #1: [staring at my ring.] "Did you get married?"
Kidlet #2: [shrieks out loud] "Yes! Yes she did! She's married!"
Kidlet #1: "WOW!"
Kidlet #3: [shaking head] "She's not married."

Aly: [trying to get a word in but being talked over.]

Kidlet #2: "Yes she is! She's married! She has a ring on her MARRIED finger!"
Kidlet #1: "YAY!"
Kidlet #3: [looking bored] "She's not married."
Kidlet #2: "But look at her ring! We should be calling her Mrs S!"

Aly: [silently thinking about how the kidlets call her that anyway.]

Kidlet #3: "It's the wrong hand."
Kidlet #2: "No it's not . . . Oh. OH."
Kidlet #1: [groans]
Random Kidlet: "When will she be married then?"

Aly: [admiring her pretty ring and listening in on their conversation.]

Kidlet #1: Who knows?
Kidlet #2: "But what happens if she NEVER gets married?"
Kidlet #3: [very matter of factly] "She'll just stay single."
Class: [exhanging looks of horror] "Oooh."

And that, my friends, is the day my students decided that I am a lonely, unmarried freak, because since then? The conversations about marriage have not stopped. In their eyes, I'm getting on in years you see, so my chances of marriage? Looking pretty slim. If I wasn't moving overseas at the end of the year, I'd have started adopting kitties already.

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Britt said...

Silly kids! That's so sweet of them to be concerned for your marital status.

Katie said...

Hey, you have a long-term boyfriend! You're not going to be single forever! I pity the teachers who DON'T have boyfriends because when the kids start saying they'll never get married .. really, that might be a possibility and therefore hits home a little more! :P

Siany said...

Wow - so gossiping starts at a young age... lol!!

Julz said...

hehehehe silly kids. :P

they really know how to make things hit home huh?

Joh said...

The humour of kids is definately a fringe benefit of teaching! I can relate to the Mrs thing. I'm a Ms and it's always Mrs for me. I teach secondary kids, and they are still amusing.

natalie said...

Um, have you ever noticed that grown ups say the same exact things? Any special men in your life???? hmmmmmmmmmmmm????? Oh well, people are getting married later and later these days. My friends daughter is 26 and she's not married yet, so don't feel bad. (never mind that I am 31 (GASP!))

Michelle said...

seriously? i never knew kids were so intuitive.

"it's not on her MARRIED finger." lol

janet said...

oh those kidlets are just TOO CUTE! I remember having teachers we obsessed over like the - they must love you!

Brie said...

How funny!!!

Sarah said...

Hee hee! Out of the mouths of babes!

Love the BLING! Jase did a super bang-up job there. Yessir, he's a keeper. :)

Jen said...

I get them saying "you wore those shoes yesterday". Oh sorry, I forgot I needed a complete shoe wardrobe, imagine wearing the same boots two days in a row.

Lindsey said...

Well you do have rabbits. You can be the crazy single rabbit lady! I'm not helping, am I? ;-)

You are gorgeous and whether or not you get married (and you will get married LOL), you are still fabulous! Your kiddies crack me up!

Julie said...

Oh man. This is so cute.

ALthough, you can't blame them for thinking...
but how in the world do they know which finger it is to keep the "married ring" on??

Laurel said...

OMG, when you do get engaged, they are going to go CRAZY with excitement. There is nothing more exciting for a kid than seeing / guessing about some aspect of their teacher's private life.

Kristabella said...

You could bring me to class as a freak of nature.

She's 30 and SINGLE!!!! Run for the hills!!!!

Lisa said...

This made me laugh out loud! I taught kindergarten for a while, and I can so relate about the not wearing the same pair of jeans two days in a row. Also the chatter... you made me miss it something terrible. :)

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