Wouldn't It Be Nice?

. . . If the world was Cadbury?

(Does anyone get that? Anyone? Anyone at all? No? Didn't think so. I'm lame.)

But it doesn't matter, because not only am I lame - I'm nice!

This is a little delayed because I've been a worried chook lately, but seeing how Lucy is currently living it up downstairs (shredding newspaper and peeing everywhere) I suppose I can talk about something else. Like the fact that I'm nice!

niceaward.jpg(I wonder if there is going to be an exclamation point after every 'nice'.)


The lovely Kristabella who is very, very wise, has nominated me for the Nice Matters award.

Since I'm thoroughly chuffed to have a nice, er, pink badge for my blog, I'm going to do the nice(!) thing and pass it along.

Thanks, Kris!

1. Katie @ A Byootaful Life - She's an Aussie who is most definitely nice! (Ha! Exclamation mark!) She always replies to your comments, and she seems like someone I would love to catch a movie with and hang out.

2. Heidi @ Heidikins - Most of you would know of Heidi, and if you don't, you should! She's a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart and I adore her.

3. KerriAnn @ Kerrianne.org - A really lovely girl, with cute tattoos, an art for photography and a way with words. My gardening hero!

4. Michelle @ Michelle & The City - I've only recently discovered her, but I think she's great already. Definitely a recipient of the award.

5. Erin @ The State That I Am In - I imagine her as being the perfect teacher for littlies who need some quality attention. Very sweet and very NICE.

And of course, everyone who stopped by to wish Lucy best wishes are nice - and heck, everyone needs a little pink on their blog, right?

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Siany said...

"And if a shark came up and tried to bite you
You could say 'I'm chocolate - I invite you'"


Sarah said...

I totally got that!! I can even hear the ditty in my head..over and over and over and over...LOL!

Katie said...

Mmm chocolate ... thanks, now I'm drooling. (eww)
You think I'm nice! Awwwwwwwww! And if you lived near me (actually you might, you never know!) we so should have gone to see HP together, since it took us both about sixteen years to get around to it. Ok, that's a little exaggeration but still... :D

Hope your bun-bun is good - it sounds like she's doing well! :)

Rachel said...

I think I do get this... because....


nancypearlwannabe said...

What I wouldn't give for a Cadbury Crunchie Bar right now.

Erin said...

MMMMM Cadbury! Yummy, Yummy.

And you are just so sweet! Thanks for the award! I feel so special this morning :)

natalie said...

Glad to hear that Lucy is doing better, how goes the medicine giving?

Michelle said...

Awe I feel so special :)

And now I'm craving Cadbury eggs!! :)

kerrianne said...

Awh, shucks! You are NICE, all-caps-lock NICE, which is more nice than just regular "nice." ; )

Thank you! Now I am blushing.

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