Going Through the Motions*

During the school term, my weeks tend to be filled with the same old routines, day in and day out. I've decided that it's just the way that I function, because let's face it: I am boring. I'm a lot like some of my kidlets in a way - I enjoy sticking to my usual routine, and it takes me a little while to get my head around things when the routines change.

But you know what? It works for me. Diet-wise, sticking to my routine helps a lot; the times when I tend to sabotage my efforts are the unexpected trips out, the little things that pop up and spoil my best-laid plans. And as for not getting enough sleep of a night? Let's just say that it takes me an awfully long time to get back into the swing of things again.

Here's how a typical 'school day' goes for me;

6:00am - Alarm goes off. I'll either get up straight away, or snooze for another 15mins or so. Stumble out of bed, have a shower.
6:30am - Make a cup of tea, grab some cereal and check my emails. I usually time waste here, and end up running late.
7:15am - Realise what the time is, freak out, get dressed, brush teeth, pack lunch.
7:30am - Drive to work listening to my Ipod and hoping not to get stuck behind any trucks.

8:00am - Arrive at work, prepare (or chat) for the next hour, get ready for the day.
8:55am - Kidlets arrive, and I start the teaching day.
11:00am - RECESS! Here is when I happily stuff my face with food. Yippee!
11:20am - Back to the classroom, for more teaching.
1:10pm - Eating time . . . for the kidlets. I just supervise.
1:20pm - Eating time . . . for me! Unless I have duty of course, four days a week.
2:00pm - Back to class. More teaching. Funny that.
3:00pm - School's out!

3:30pm - Start the drive home, unless I have a staff meeting to stay back for.
4:00pm - (or thereabouts) I'm usually home by now, or at least nearly home anyway. I throw my bag in my room and get ready to exercise.
4:15pm - Procrastinate and avoid exercising. Usually checking my email again, stalking your blogs via Bloglines, spending away my savings on Ebay and hoping to chat with Jase on MSN.
5:00pm - Finally get off my tush and go for a walk on the treadmill.
6:00pm - Wander around, wasting time, annoy my mum when she gets home.
7:00pm - Organise dinner: making and/or eating. Very important!
7:30pm - You'll find me watching some form of television (most likely Australian Idol, now that it's started) or a DVD boxset (I always thought Melrose Place was so raunchy when I was younger, now it's just amusing) OR reading a book.
8:30-9pm - Bedtime! I know, I'm a granny. But that's ok. I'm a well-slept granny.

What does your day look like?

*I now have the absurd habit of breaking out into song, ala Buffy & the 'Once More With Feeling' gang. Am a nerd. Just without the demons.

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Erin said...

As soon as I saw your post title, my little mind starting singing "Walking through the part...". So glad I'm not the only one in the world who gets that reference.

My day looks an awful lot like yours. I've been planning a similar post over at my little blog once I really get back into the swing of school.

Katie said...

You have a treadmill?! OMG I am so jealous! I want one so badly! I might post what my day looks like (although it's waaay less interesting than yours! Lots of blogging and cleaning!)

Noelle said...

I totally appreciate the Buffy reference. (I just typed reverence, which is also appropriate...) If there was a way I could eat lunch at 11:00, I think I might just take up teaching. But probably not. I totally have a routine as well, it's weekly, not daily, I do the same thing every Monday, Tuesday, etc.

Aimee said...

I'm a routine-type person too. This month will be a little more hectic, involving bowling and softball two nights a week and getting back into the going to the gym mode. (wish me luck!)

~Kathryn~ said...

you aren't annoying your Mum - we are BONDING !!!!


LaLa said...

omg. You have MELROSE on dvd?

Bugger Buffy, bring back Billy, Amanda, Alison and CRAZY Kimberly!

cady said...

i want a treadmill!!

Kristabella said...

Man, I wish I got home from work before 5!

Or did half the things you did in the morning.

I get up, shower, dress, leave. Sometimes, I may make coffee.

Michelle said...

I definitely wish my morning involved as much relaxation time as yours. I tend to hit the snooze 4-5 times and not get up until 6:45 (should get up at 6 like you). I shower, get dressed, let the dogs out, pack lunch and I'm out the door by 7:30. I don't eat my daily poptart until I get to work.

The rest of my day is never the same. But I get home (5:30) and go to bed (9:30) pretty much at the same time every day. You're not a granny! :)

Nathan Pralle said...

My day? Hrm...typical workday:

7:20am - Alarm goes off. I head downstairs, feed the cat and fish, and jump in the shower.
7:45am - Email and Blogs
7:55am - Proclaim, "Oh, SHIT!" and proceed to get dressed in a blaze of glory.
8:05am - Arrive at work (5 blks away). I log in and start reading email, websites, and so forth. Coffee is obtained on the way in.
8:45am - Break out the cereal bowl and milk for brekkie while I continue to read sites.
9:15am - Start to look at what's on today's work schedule; 2nd cup of coffee or switch to Diet Mt Dew, depending on my mood.
10:00am - Coworkers start bothering me if they need me. They've learned that talking to me before 10am is like trying to saddle a rabid wolverine. I'm a grumpy little raincloud.
12 noon - Lunchies, or thereabouts. Slide home for eating.
1:00pm - Back to work, catch up on email quick, and then to the grindstone.
6:00pm - Leave work most days except Friday (off at noon) and when something needs doing (6:30pm or later)
7:00pm - Think about supper, maybe make it, depending on what the wife wants, etc. Eat and watch a short 30 minute program on Tivo before getting to something useful.
8:00pm - Various things; programming of my own inclination, sorting or configuring computer parts in the basement, cleaning of various sorts, or what have you.
12 midnight to 1:00am - Wrap things up to jump in the shower.
1:00am to 2:00am - Bedtime

Give or take, that's pretty close. YMMV.

natalie said...

My days vary, because I'm still in skool, but I usually wake up at around 6:00, walk the dog, eat some breakfast/read emails/check blogs, etc.,leave for skool, and depending on when I get out of class I either go to work or go home; if I go to work, I do work stuff, THEN go home where I will : walk the dog, check emails/blogs, etc., watch some tv, read some skool stuff, eat some dinner, neaten some piled up crap, and get into bed by 9:00 and read until I fall asleep (sometimes 9:15, sometimes 11:30). Since I fell down some stairs on Saturday, I haven't been able to run, but I usually throw in some running time when not injured...

Marianne said...

Aly - I totally have that soundtrack! I'm not sure if it's really good or so campy that I just can't resist it. But, it's my cleaning the apartment soundtrack.

My day starts around 4:00 when New Cat has to tell me about his evening. And walk on my bladder.

4:10 - Throw New Cat on the floor and fall back to sleep.
5:00 - alarm goes off
5:30 - Actually get up and head to the shower
6:00 - Spend 10-15 minutes surveying the four items of clothing that actually fit and relunctantly pick something that's too small for me.
6:30 - leave for work
7:00 - Get to work, eat my breakfast and drink my chocolate milk.
8:00-11:00 - try to work... most often unsuccessful.
11:00 - start whining to my coworker about how hungry I am.
12:00 - I finally talk Ms. Pokey into getting some lunch.
12:30-3:00 - Work?
3:00 - Head home!!! (Unless I'm uber busy or there is an afternoon meeting)
3:50 - Cry because it's taken me nearly an hour to drive seven miles (I WILL take the train after it cools down)
4:00 - Nap!!
6:00 - The Targo wakes me up. We smooch and get dinner.
8:00 - Long walk around the 'hood.
9:00-11:00 ------ um?
11:00 - Get ready for bed!! Oh sleep! How I love thee!

DG said...

Mine changes everyday - but as long as working out is in there SOMEWHERE? It's a good day.

angela said...

I like to have a routine too -- I guess I'm just a creature of habit.

Nick and I get up at 6:30 in the mornings and work out until 7:30. We work out separately every other day, and then go on walks together on our off-days. We get ready for work, pack our lunches and way too often, hit up Starbucks for some caffeine. It's nice that we get to carpool together, so I drop him off at his office and head into mine, getting there around 9:00.

After that, my routine totally ends because no two workdays are ever alike. Sometimes I'm in the office working on stuff or concepting with other people or sitting through meetings, or I'm out of the office at a shoot or something. I hardly ever know what to expect.

Then when I get ahold of my life again, the routine starts up and we're back on schedule. I'll spare you all those boring details though, as I'm sure I've done enough damage already!

Zandria said...

Even though you're a "granny," at least you feel good during the day when you're teaching the little kiddies. Other people who sit behind a desk can afford to be a little sleepy. It's easier to hide! :)

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