Question Time; Whaddya Reckon?

I did promise to bring this one up on the blog at some point, and I simply couldn't bear to disappoint. However instead of whinging about it, I'll take a different approach and pose it as a question instead. Clever, eh?

So, here are the questions - please feel free to help a girl out with answering them.

  1. If you had, say, a 23 year old daughter who was leaving home for the first time (EVER) and was moving to a different continent (which you have never stepped foot in before) and was far, far away from you, would you make the (horribly) long trip to visit?

  2. Why is it so cold this morning when it's supposed to be Spring?

  3. If you had, say, a set of parents who weren't keen on travelling to Europe in the slightest (and prefer road trips across the middle of America), what qualities about England would you talk up to make it sound more appealing?

  4. Why do Monday's suck?

  5. Yeah, that's all I got.

Answer away, my friends! I'll come back and hear out your thoughts at the end of the day . . . which is sadly a good few hours away yet. Blargh.

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Teacher A said...

1. Totally, but that's just me.
2. Why is so hot here when it is supposed to be fall?
3. Given that I've never been to England, I'm probably not the best person to ask. The rolling green fields would probably be a good place to start.
4. My Monday is going to suck because I've got in-service all day. Ick!

Erin said...

1. Absolutely. No questions.
2. Most likely because it's just starting to be Fall on this side of the world...and the chill is blowing your way.
3. You might run into Colin Firth! And you can guy awesome anitques at Picadilly Market. And you can ride the Tube!
4. Because they're not Fridays!

RA said...

It's funny that you bring this up because my sister-in-law, a junior in college, is spending this semester in Sydney! And, yes, my in-laws are taking a week (at least) to visit her. When my sister went to England for a semester, my mom and I visited her. So, I don't think it's a totally unrealistic request. But, it is expensive and seems to be a big step outside their comfort zone, so here are my favorite parts of England. Well, London. I can't speak for the whole country.

- Seeing you! Hypothetically. I guess I can't say that that is one of MY favorite things.
- Free museums, both intellectual and fun.
- Super easy public transportation (I second the Tube nomination)!
- Theater at all price points. You must see "The Mousetrap." And "Stones in His Pockets," if they're still playing it. Which they totally should, if they're not.
- Great shopping. Would Harrod's be a draw?
- A pretty sweet Chinatown.
- Stonehenge!

Have you read Bill Bryson's "Notes from a Small Island"? It's a funny take on the weird parts of England, so maybe that would take the edge off of your parents losing their only daughter to jolly old England.

E :) said...

1. Yes. Without doubt!
2. It's warm here. I don't know why southern weather is acting up.
3. The countryside of England is stunningly beautiful.
4. It's way too long until the weekend. Ugh.

Sephyroth said...

1. Hmm...would there be gifts that wouldn't be able to be posted back? Though, the answer would be a definite probably. ;)

2. That's because it's still winter for another week, at least according to the stars (though meteorological fall started on the 1st of the month). Don't worry however; it was only about 2°C yesterday morning for a low around here, and it's supposed to still be summer...though they're saying it's gonna be near 30°C later this week.

3. You drive on the same side of the road as you do at home. ;)

4. Because they do.


Michelle said...

1. For sure. AND I've never been on a plane - so that's sayin' something.
2. I've come to realize weather is NEVER what you expect it to be.
3. I've never been BUT I would say that YOU would be a good enough excuse! :) (But see Rachel - puremotif - for more info on England, she was born there!)
4. Because it means going back to work after 2 splendid days off. But it's not Monday for me just yet!! ;) hehe

janet said...

Hmmmm, I'm not sure I can answer ANY of those! Maybe your parents can pay for a trip home for you if they really don't want to travel?

blahblahfromkc said...

do you want the honest truth...because the truth can

Kathy said...

1. Yes though when I lived in USA for a year my parents never visited. they have been to Europe many times ( are there now) but never USA.
2. Cause you are in Sydney. Tis beautiful in Qld
3. the history, Buckinghuge palace, food, the history ( cause I think that's what they like about Route 66)
4. Mine don't. I ahve 1 hour non contact and no duty. Mondays rock! ( except when your daughter falls and breaks her tooth so you have to pick her up before school even starts so you get to stay home)

kirby said...

1. Yes. Yes, I do believe I would.
2. Nargles.
3. The fact that it is EUROPE... I'd claim that London was the gateway to all the fabulousness that is countries such as France, Italy... etc etc. Foolish to miss it, really.
4. Because sadly, the world is not Cadbury.
5. oop, right. Thats all you've got.
righto then.

Jen said...

Yes. If your parents can fly to America to see a road, they can fly to England to see you. AND Jason.

(totally over simplifying, but things work best that way ;) )

Dugi said...

1) same situation except i was 21....and yes my mother visited me.
2)it was quite warm in Parramatta this morning.
3)free accommodation?
4) i don't start the day till it aint too bad :P
5) thank u

Julz said...

1. Yes, at LEAST once while you're gone :)

2. Don't complain, at least you're not in Melbourne >_

~Kathryn~ said...

I'm with Janet ... i think a flight home would be much better
Jen - a road is more interesting to us than the UK - but not more than our daughter and jase

sorry mup - you aren't going to convince us !!!!

Kelly said...

1. YES! If they're gonna be all upset when you leave, why wouldn't they jump at the chance to see you while you're gone? And also - presents!
2. Don't look at me. I'm in Brisbane, remember? And today was 31 degrees. And no clouds. Hello, sunburn!
3. America? Pfffft. Go to the UK, seriously! It's like 4 countries in one! And heaps better!
4. Because you had a great weekend and now you have to go back to earning a living. How cruddy.

Nathan Pralle said...

Interesting questions! (and since I'm procrastinating on a Monday, of course I'll answer them):

1. My wife and I are sure hoping that some of my relatives will bother to come visit us once we move to Australia, so yes, I would think that it'd be a great excuse to come see the place, let alone to visit you! :)

2. Well, it's turning Fall here in the States, so we're just getting into the cooler weather (which I'm fine brings out hot drinks, warm clothes, and shapely women underneath such things).

3. America certainly has her charms, but you have to consider the massive amount of history that Europe has that we simply don't. 200 year old things around here are REALLY old, whereas in Europe, that's just a preschooler. :) The history, the ability to visit so many countries in a short period of time, and the beer! Did I mention the beer? Really. Aussies+Beer = good time, right?

4. Mondays were invented back in the day when Roman legions would work all week, drink wine till their eyeballs floated on the weekends, and then wake up, having to get back to the grind of the marching again. Friday night was reserved for being lecherous, Saturdays were laying around and consuming vast amounts of pita sandwiches, and Sundays were a continuation of Saturday nights, which involved the words, "Kegs? We have fifty! WOO!" Mondays were the result of the aftermath, which have been forever stained.

5. It's Monday. I guarantee that's all I've got.

Laurel said...

If I were your parents (having magically split into two people), I would totally make the trip to England to see you. But, my parents were reluctant to go see my sister when she studied abroad in South Africa, thinking the trip was too long. Then, they REALLY REALLY REALLY regretted it!

Fortunately, she chose do move to Namibia a couple years later (an even longer trek from Minnesota)... and my parents are totally going to visit her this time.

Seriously, they really regretted not taking advantage of the opportunity to visit her!

Lia said...

1. If she'll be gone more than six months, probably yes.
2. In sympathy with the cold weather in the Northern hemisphere. (Goodbye, allergies. Hello, colds! I have to buy stock in Benadryl.)
3. History, old buildings, miserable weather. No, wait, scratch that last one. But London is a great place for history. Also, they have a great transit system.
4. Let me know if you ever figure that one out.

Leslie said...

1. I would try for at least one trip.
2. Why is it so hot here when it's supposed to be fall?
3. Most of the estimated 21 million Australians are descended from 19th and 20th century European settlers, the majority from Great Britain and Ireland. (Good old Wikipedia!) So in other words, it's an excuse to go research your roots! (Plus - IT'S LONDON!)
4. I'm not sure why Mondays suck, but I'm sucking right along with it today. Tonsilitis. Ick.
5. That's all I got too.

Natalie said...

1. If it were financially feasible, ABSOLUTELY.
2. I was pleased by the chill in the air this morning, and this whole week, as my AC decided to take a break Saturday. But I'm in Louisiana, and anything below 95 degrees before October is chilly here....
3. Never been, so can't answer, but hell, WHY NOT?
4. Mondays suck because they are Mondays. You just had 2 days off and you have to go back and spend your time doing things that aren't as fun. blah.
5. me too!

Viviane said...

I can tell you that my parents decided on no for that first question. When I lived in the States, they did not visit because the country does not really interest them. My dad had been to the States before, like 30 years ago, but my mom never has.

Aimee said...

Give it a couple months - your parents like traveling and I'm sure they'd travel to Antarctica if that was the only way they could see you! :)

lisa said...

1. Well, my in-laws won't even drive the 20 miles to come see us, so based on that alone I say that I would totally go visit my own offspring.
2. I'm sure there is a scientific explanation I would enver understand.
3. London is so much cooler than, say, Oklahoma.
4. I don't know, but if I did I'd try to fix it.

Pamme said...

Well, I think your Mum and Dad should fly to England to see you. And then, After they're done, they can fly across the pond and visit the far east side of the Mississippi River.
Like Connecticut and Ohio. Cause it's only a few hours from London to the USA!

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