Adieu, Adieu.

I haven't mentioned the bunny dramas of the past week, as I've been persevering with getting them to love each other. Alright, really I would have been happy with them just not hating each other, but I wasn't going to start getting fussy about it.

New Bun is beautiful on her own and loves cuddles, but just doesn't like the other rabbits. Bella and Lucy have started getting really grouchy (with her and me) and things aren't going smoothly at all. I've had them cage by cage all week to get used to one another, and have been introducing them together in small intervals.

I realised things just weren't happening when there was a three-way rabbit hatefest around the dining room floor; teeth gnashing, bunny grunting, floor sliding hate. After a while, I couldn't see which rabbit was the culprit; it was all of them. It was whilst sweeping up the tufts of fur from the floor that I decided things just weren't working.

It's with great sadness that today I'm going for a drive to give New Bun to her new momma. She's going to a place where she'll be the head bun, meaning she'll be loving all the attention. I will miss snorgling her cute furryness, but I know it's for the best.

Farewell, New Bun. I'll be sending celery and carrot wishes your way.

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