One size fits all - except me.

I got my Threadless order today.

And as much as I love, love, love the designs on the shirts, the sizes? Are mighty freaking tiny. I'm feeling slightly hefferish after squeezing (barely) into the X-Large size. And I just lost 5kgs. What the heck?

Still love them, though. Here they all are (click to see.) They are motivation. Must get into them loosely without squished boobs in the future. Squished boobs aren't flattering.

The first one which I pulled out with a squeal was the "I'm a Noun" shirt. Which I promptly shimmied into and went to show off.

Aly: Hey, Dad! Check out this shirt.
Dad: [squints at writing] Eh?
Aly: Do you get it? Do you? Do you?
Dad: Eh?
Aly: What's a noun, dad?
Dad: A doing word?
Aly: [incredulous look on face] It's a naming word.
Dad: Oh. I'm a name?
Aly: Me! I'm wearing the shirt! Aly is a name! A shirt is a name!
Dad: Oh.
Aly: Nevermind.

I then proceeded to show him the "Loch Ness Imposter" shirt (my all-time favourite), to which he responded "Is that an octopus?" Frustrated, I went off to display my purchases to mum. I knew she would understand.

Aly: Mum, do you get this shirt? [shoves chest in her face]
Mum: [reads] "I'm a Noun"
Aly: Yeah!
Mum: [blank look]
Aly: What's a noun, mum?
Mum: A descibing word?
Aly: BLOODY HELL. It's a naming word. A noun is a naming word.
Mum: Oh, right!
Aly: So do you see it now? I'm a noun!
Mum: Okay then.

Alright, so the fact that my kidlets know more about grammar than my parents is a wee bit frightening, and tell me - what is not funny about clever t-shirts? What's not so funny is the skimpy little sizes, but I'll get over that. Have been avoiding chocolate like crazy this week. Easter! Ack!

As for the final verdict? My sense of humour is either really fabulous, or really lacking. You decide.

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lara said...

wow, it makes me sad that grown adults don't know what a noun is. sad, sad, sad.

cute shirts! i think the loch ness imposter is hilarious. :)

Jess said...

Don't worry Aly, I completely get it :D I would have saw it and giggled... Also, there is a cool site that I always buy shirts from (palmercash) which reminds me, I need to buy two from there before their sale ends... the one that I want says "worlds worst Dad" ... and no one else appreciates the irony of that T Shirt as much as I.


LaLa said...


You misspelt smart.


Aly, I am sure you look gorgeous!

Viviane said...

Haha the shirts are quite funny. But it is so frustrating when shirts don't fit, happens to me frequently as well. Damn boobs!

~Kathryn~ said...

gimme a break - its been .. fuck ..
its been 35 years since i've needed to know what a bloody NOUN is ... why do you need to know what a noun is in every day life ??? - unless you are trying to understand Stupid t-shirts
(and did we mention that i *did* get the loch ness one)

velocibadgergirl said...

FABULOUS. Hell yeah. That Loch Ness shirt is fantastic! I want!

Catherine said...

Clearly it is your parents who are lacking in the humour department because those shirts are the awesomeness and I am super jealous!!!

nancypearlwannabe said...

I totally bought the Loch Ness shirt for my boyfriend! He wears it all the time. That, and the one with the little Japanese girls with headphones on. So cute!

Mick said...

Tsk Tsk LaLa!

It's ok...not everyone gets my obscure Simpsons references ;)

reformattingmybrain said...

Those shirts are fabulous!

julie said...

Those are freaking great.

RA said...

OH MY GOSH. Hilarious. I read this aloud to JG and he was similarly mortified. I loved your "BLOODY HELL."

I love the "I'm a noun" one, of course, and also the Loch Ness one, although it might make more sense if it actually said "Loch Ness Imposter"... But I don't get the boxy girl one with the heart... Am I missing something?

Regardless, I love your parents' reactions!

Aimee said...

The only one I understand is the loch ness one. LOL I think I may not be smarter than a 5th grader. goddammit! :)

Laurel said...

I MUST buy the first one. My love with AS is founded on a firm foundation of robot adoration!!

alana said...

Oh Threadless. I would love and adore the Scrabble t-shirt. Have you seen it? With the Scrabble letter holder thing and all the crappy letters like X, Q, Z, J,....etc. Oh, it's the greatest thing everrr.

On second thought.....does that make me a big nerd? I fear it might!

heidikins said...

hehehe - those are great. Love the Noun one (yes, I get it) and I really love the Robot one!! Reminds me a little bit of the Wizard of Oz when the Tin Man just wants a heart... this, of course, is the funnier version of that. Hilarity all around!

Pink Herring said...

I LOVE threadless. I love the Loch Ness Imposter one! I love them all. Some people just don't get T-shirt humor.

Teacher A said...

I've got the Loch Ness Imposter shirt! It always gets a laugh or a compliment wherever I go. I just ordered this shirt:

and can't wait to wear it around some of my colorblind friends, just to mess with their heads.

janet said...

Yeah my boobs just barely fit into my new threadless girlie XL as well. But I still love it!

Lindsey said...

There is a new show over here called "Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader" and adults have to try to answer questions from 1st-5th grade and there are kids there answering the questions too. It's hilarious-you'd love it. Your parents would have failed the grammar part!!

angela said...

I've never had the whole boobs not fitting into a t-shirt problem, so I'm not so sympathetic. But great choices! Love 'em!

B said...

I feel your pain on the t-shirt thing. I hate when I feel like something is too small. Love, love, love your shirts! And your sense of humor!

PJ said...

Hmmm I don't get the noun one at all.Please let me in on the joke.

Gillian said...

I love the "I'm A Noun!" shirt. :]
I really want one but all they have left are kids' shirts. DDD:

doba review said...

All I can say is, take a hold on that shirt, man! Don't lend it to anyone! You may never get it back again! LOL!!!!

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