Term 1: A Summary. Oh, and a Dog.

As much as I love hearing about schools in the USA getting huge long summer breaks (and as jealous as I am when their summer rolls around!) I do love how our school terms here are broken up into terms. Usually 10-11 weeks long, with 2 weeks of holidays in the middle. I've found that it makes the year go fairly quickly. Since Term 1 has come to a close as of three hours ago, it's fitting to post some events of note.

  • The kidlets and I have almost figured each other out. I have my moments where my good judgement flies out the window in regards to expectations and management, and they have their moments when they drive me completely mad. It's all a balance.

  • I'm quite happy after having my student teacher in the classroom all week. She's good with the kidlets, she recognises that they are challenging, and she's pretty creative too. So far so good, she does her next teaching block mid-term 2. (Although she does lose a point or two for sliding a chair across my freshly papered classroom walls and marking them. What can I say? I'm fussy!)

  • Speaking of me being picky with my classroom, it still looks lovely. I had some hooks put up high in the walls with string attached, so I've got some hanging lines to display the kidlets work. Next term I'll be aiming to get them full up with art and activities. My storeroom is all cleaned out and ready to be organised again.

  • The accreditation of doom? Is practically ready to go off and face judgement day. (Oh dear, I think I left it in my room over the holidays? Crap!)

So that's that.

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LaLa said...

Bless. He is lovely.

I am GREEN with envy at the fact that you are on holidays.

Do you think it's too late to become a teacher?


Aimee said...

he is so cute! I had a dog that looked just like him. Her name was Lolly. :)

julie said...

I am in love.

He is so cute.

Laurel said...

I'm so glad it's going so well! I DO NOT envy you teacher-people!

Emily said...

Rusty is too cute. I bet he is still freakin adorable even when he growls.

heidikins said...

Mmmmm, spring break.... 2 week holidays throughout the year... yum!!


angela said...

That pic is way too cute. Seriously, he makes me want a dog so badly.

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