[Insert Superhero Noise Here.]

I'm about to mention a not-very-important piece of information that has pleased me to no end, but is taken from the latest episode of 24. Even though it's not particularly crucial to the overall plot or anything, I thought I'd better throw the warning out there. See? Am nice!

What am I rambling on about? Why, Jack's handy satchel is back! When he ran towards the abandoned motel with his satchel fit snugly around his neck, all was right with the world. Jack without his satchel is like Superman without a cape. All hail the Jack-Sack!

Okay, that was it. Really.

But before I go, won't someone please just kill her off already? I've been wishing she would disappear since last season because of how annoying she was, and now this? Am disappointed, 24 powers-that-be. Very disappointed. (And sticking with the whole nice vibe, I'm not mentioning who I'm talking about, but you television dorks out there should know who she is, right?)

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