It's Done!

My laser surgery has been booked!

Friday 11th May @ 11am. Dad is going to drive me in and take me home, I'll spend the weekend at home all zombie-like, and Jase is taking me back in the following Monday for my first post-op checkup. It's all very exciting. Nervewracking, but exciting.

I forgot to mention, I'm not having Lasik done. The clinic I'm going to uses Advanced Surface Laser; otherwise known as Lasek. The procedures are virtually the same, though while Lasik cuts a flap in the cornea, Lasek removes the first layer of the cornea. The laser work performed in each technique is the same.

So exactly three weeks from today, I'll be having my eyeballs zapped. And hopefully once the healing settles down later that week, I'll be able to wake up in the morning and see! I wonder if Jase will look any different in the mornings once I have better vision, mwahaha. (Kidding, of course, I happen to think he looks just lovely!)

In the meantime, make sure you pay a visit to Zandria who is also having her eyes done very soon. Best of luck, chicka!

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