Operation New Bun

New Bun is home.

But first up; Bella is doing much better, but will be continuing her medicine for another four weeks. Yes, you read right. Four weeks of squirting the icky rabbit medicine into her mouth twice a day. I don't know who I feel more sorry for; her or me! Courtesy of me and my trusty scissors, Lucy had most of her butt de-clumped, and now has a special ointment to put on, also twice a day. The downside is that my bloody rabbits darling angels also took a hefty $150 out of my savings account. But they're healthy, so I'm happy.

I read up on bonding rabbits, because Bella and Lucy are like sisters and probably wouldn't take well to an intruder. (Now I'm imagining New Bun dressed up like a burglar, hee.) I'm supposed to set up a separate cage for New Bun and have it next to the normal hutch, so that the rabbits get used to each other's scents. Fair enough. NB can live in the travel carrier for a while. I'm also supposed to bring them inside together and monitor them. Sounds fairly easy, right?

I thought I'd start with Bella, since she's the calmer bun of the pair lately. I put her and New Bun together on the lounge.

Er. Did you know that rabbits actually growl?

New Bun is quite fiesty. She jumped at Bella and tried to bite her. Bella looked startled for a bit, then bounced back at her, so I called a bunny time out. I was so worried about Bella and Lucy being the snarky ones, but New Bun seems to be a wee bit nasty. I'm getting the feeling this is going to take a mighty long time.

What name fits a fiesty wee girly rabbit? Discuss amongst yourselves.

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kathy said...

Maybe you shoudl call her Cruella........... Honestly I find most female Tayor's to be quite feisty. Stella also pops into my mind. Good luck with the bunsters!

Julz* said...

I'm glad Bella is doing better :)

ummm, call her lindsay or paris :P hahahah ok, maybe not.

LaLa said...

Gillian, after Gillian from the Biggest Loser!

Noelle said...

If she's a white bun, Bianca is a kind of evil name, I think there was a mean girl named Bianca in one of the books I used to read as a kid.

julie said...




Pink Herring said...

OK, I swear... parallel lives. That's exactly what happened when I introduced New Kitty to my friendly kitty... and a month later, here I am, off to the store to buy pheremone crap to make them stop killing each other.

$150 sounds like a steal... did they give you a discount for adopting a new bunny?

Hooray for a new bunny. I'm sure they'll learn to love each other!

RA said...

Ooh, naming rabbits is almost as fun as naming hypothetical dogs. Feisty girl rabbit... How about Cordelia, like from Buffy? Or even Charisma, after the girl who played her?

I've always liked Portia, from Merchant of Venice. She refused to marry all of the twits who came to court her and then did the whole "pound of flesh, but not a drop of blood" deal.

heidikins said...

Ooh! I love naming pets! But firstly - what color is New Bun? White? Gray? Black? Mixture? Color-generic names I like for bunnies: nibbles, hops, smuggs and wilbur. I also really like Elvira, Gilda, and Pippin. Pet Naming Website: www.babynames.com/names/pets/index.php

velocibadgergirl said...

You should name her Bunnicula, after the white-colored, red-eyed vampire rabbit of the children's books :D

I'm glad to hear Bella is feeling better!

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