Needing Good Thoughts.

This morning started out like any other holiday morning; I woke up late, pottered around the house and went for a walk on my treadmill. Since it was sunny outside, I figured I'd better get on with the washing, so hung out a couple of baskets and checked on the rabbits while I was out there.

Lucy was a pig as usual, nosing my hand out of the way when I poured in her food for her. Bella though, was nowhere to be seen. I found her hiding under the sheltered end of their hutch, giving me the stink eye. This is nothing unusual, my dear Bella bun isn't the friendliest of rabbits in her best moments. But then she swivelled her head around in the opposite direction, and what I saw frightened the crap out of me.

Her right eye was literally, bulging out of her socket. Not hanging out by a thread or anything, but much, much bigger than a bunny eye should be. I brought her inside (much to her disgust) and checked out her face, it seemed all a little swollen on that side. Since bad things always tend to happen when my parents are out of town (car accidents, illness and the like) I left a panicked message on mum's voicemail asking her what the heck I should do.

She called back and told me this; 'Take her to the damn vet, woman.'

I obliged, bundling her up in her special carry-case and rushing out the door. Rushing around so fast, that I actually forgot that I was in my treadmill outfit and wasn't wearing any shoes. I was in such a state that I'll actually admit something rather embarrassing to blogworld; I totally powdered my hair this morning. My post-workout, greasy, not-washed-in-2-days hair. White talcum powder. The shame! Anyway.

I sat in the waiting area for about an hour, while the dog to my left with diarrhea was sick all over the floor and the dog to my right with vomiting problems hacked up its breakfast all over the floor. Bella and I were both wiggling our noses in disgust at that point. At last, we were called in.

The diagnosis (or lack of one) doesn't look good. The vet shaved her face under her eyeball, and proceeded to stick a couple of needles in her looking for pus or infections. He then opened her mouth and stuck a scope down there, almost resulting in a loss of several fingers because bunny teeth? Are freakin' sharp.

I had two choices; have her put in for exploratory surgery where they would basically open up her face and look for an abcess or tumour, or take her home for the weekend with medicine and hope that her eyeball settles down. The chances are? That she is probably already damaged in that eye, caused by the swelling. He also told me that performing surgery on rabbits is not a good thing, as they don't respond well to anaesthetics. In other words? If she doesn't get better, we'll need to have her put down.

(Cue to me turning into a blubbering mess on the vet's table.)

She's home with me now, looking a wee bit sad looking what with her swollen and shaved face. Gave me grumpy looks all the way home, also. Please keep my beautiful bun in your thoughts this Easter weekend; I love my Bella rabbit so, so much.


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lara said...

oh no! i will send many, many good thoughts to you and bella! keep us all posted, okay?

LaLa said...

Poor Grumpy Bella... Maybe she just had a big night and passed out on one side of her face like I do after too many wines, causing it to go all puffy?

Keeping fingers and toes crossed. xx

nancypearlwannabe said...

That post made me cry! I hope your bunny gets lots of Easter treats and her own special Easter basket with Cadbury mini eggs in. Get well, Bella!

Noelle said...

That's so sad! I wish there was a way that we could make buns talk for just a day so they can tell us where it hurts. Sending good thoughts your way!

Zandria said...

Oh, my gosh! What horrible news. I'm so sorry to hear that. And on Easter weekend, too, when bunnies are supposed to get their extra lovin'. :(

janet said...

aww I'm so sorry Aly! Will definitely think some happy bunny thoughts over here for ya

Viviane said...

Oh Aly, I'm sorry to hear about that! I hope Bella gets better soon!

angela said...

Oh, that's so sad! Poor little bunny. I hope she gets better soon.

Jess said...

:( I'm really sorry about your Bella baby. :( Will keep her in my thoughts... I know how horrible it feels when your pet is sick. I hope the swelling goes down.


kirby said...

deary... poor bella. I hope she gets better.

and the mess making dogs also.. I hate the way dogs throw up.

Tasmiya said...

Hey Aly! I'm sorry I didn't see this post sooner. Don't stress too much (I know - easier said than done!) You might ask for a second opinion? or ask if the vet knows if there is someone who has a special interest in rabbits. I am sure he would be happy to send you to someone more confident in handling rabbit surgery. Yes, they're a little more risky than say a cat or dog but all anaesthetics have some risk. I hope hope hope it's just say a tooth root abscess which will be fixed ASAP! Email me if you have any concerns. Much love

heidikins said...

:( oh goodness! This is so sad!! I think bunnies are absolutely adorable, and to have your dear Bella sick at Easter? Sadness! Keep us updated!


Pink Herring said...

Oh my! I'm glad you've already updated that she's doing OK... and I hope it gets much better soon. My first instinct is always to rush to the vet, when in reality a few days of TLC is usually just as good (or better, since it does not involve leaving the house (and is mostly free). I am freaking out a little bit about the idea of sticking needles in her eye and shaving her face!! Poor bunny. I'm not sure which is worse: Bella's shaved face or Henry's shaved bottom. I am guessing Henry's butt is worse, because he looks like one of those obscene baboons and his hair grows back veeeerrryyyy slowwwllyyy (seriously, it's been 5 weeks, and he's JUST starting to re-grow it).

Thinking good thoughts for Bella and her eye!

velocibadgergirl said...

Oh, no!! Good luck, Bella!! :(

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