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Reason why I love Jason, #782.

Aly: [picks up ringing mobile phone] Hello?
Jason: Want some dog food?
Aly: [blank pause] Meh?
Jason: Would you like some dog food?
Aly: [trying to think of appropriate response] Wha?
Jason: Look, do you want some dog food or not?
Aly: [gives up] Er, sure.
Jason: Right. Bye.

Needless to say, I was well and truly puzzled by this point.

It turns out there a dog food company was holding a promotional giveaway at his work. He ended up signing up for it to get the freebie for us, despite the fact that he doesn't own a dog himself. Bless!

(He did later mention, quite bravely if you ask me, that they were also giving away chocolate for human consumption, but I wasn't asked if I wanted any of that, was I?)

Anyhoo, my dear boy turned up on the doorstep last night holding a (ha!) doggy bag, complete with the phrase, "I've brought dinner!"

Oh, he's a catch alright.

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