Pretty Darned Forgettable.

Since being given the a-okay to have the Laser Eye Surgery performed, it's been one of those things I just can't get off my mind.

Those poor folks at work who happened to ask me whether I did anything exciting in my break, I bet they never expected a step by step rundown of my visit into the city to have my initial eye consultiation. I've been asking all sorts of people for information and things to expect, and I've spent countless hours searching the internet for 'survivor' stories and reviews. (Probably not the smartest idea, since I'm already a wee bit nervous about the procedure and it's still a bloody fortnight away.)

As a brief background, let me just remind you that I rarely wear my glasses. I'm a contacts girl, through and through. The only time you'll find me wearing glasses is if I'm in the middle of a prescription and haven't had time to fill it yet, if I have a sty or other infection that the contacts bother, if I'm flying and the ventilation is horrible, or if I have an appointment to have Laser Eye consultations. Suffice it to say that 99% of the time, I am glasses-free.

The last week of Term 1, and this first week back of Term 2, are pretty much the only times I have worn my glasses to school for an extended period of time. The kidlets pick things up quickly and found my new glasses fascinating; and I always respond to the question "Why do you wear glasses now?" with the answer "All the better to see you with, my dear!" (Never fails to set the younger kidlets into giggles, thank goodness they know their fairytales.)

Some colleagues however? Are perhaps not so visually astute.

One person, after being given my excited spiel on the Laser Eye surgery was very polite and sounded genuinely interested in the procedure. Feeling chuffed, I continued the conversation without hesitation, happy to keep on discussing it. Until they exclaimed; "So glasses-free huh? You'll be like a whole new person without having to wear your glasses all the time, how exciting!"

Er. Let's just freeze there. It's true, I like the idea of being a new, all-seeing human being if the procedure all goes smoothly. But wearing my glasses all the time, what? I've worn my contact lenses to school practically every day for the last year and a half, and this person has never once noticed that? Ouch!

Repeat it with me now: I will not be offended. I will not be offended.

Oh, screw it. I am offended. Now excuse me, while I sulk just a little.

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DATE: 04/28/2007 06:36:10 AM
People are idiots.
It's that simple :)

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