A New Record. Bloody brilliant!

You guys have really done it this time; you've made this blogger a very happy little camper indeed. 20 comments? About a classically dorky t-shirt post? Fantastic! Excuse me while I frolic around the room, breaking it down in true dork style.

(I'm wearing my glasses today, so I fit the category pretty well.)

Speaking of the specs, I bit the bullet today and made a booking to have my initial appointment for laser eye surgery. It's in two weeks time, meaning I wear my glasses until then to let my eyes settle down from all the contact-wearing. Bloody glasses, everytime I look down at my work or the kidlets, they end up slipping down my nose and making me look like a cranky grandma.

(Works well when paired with the "stern" teacher look, though.)

Apparently I need a referral from a doctor or optometrist before the appointment, so I'll organise that in my holidays coming up. Am so excited! I have this horrible feeling that my eyes are going to be unsuitable for the procedure, even though they're just badly short sighted. Don't ask me why, it's just me being paranoid.

(Did you know that dorks can be extremely paranoid? Now you know.)

If all goes well, hopefully you won't externally be able to tell I am a dork. I'll pretend to be hip, at least until my inner dork rears it's head.

Do you think wearing my "I'm a Noun" shirt in public will give it away?

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Julz* said...

ohhhhhhhh >_< I hope it all goes well!

I share your paranoia! *fingers crossed*

~Kathryn~ said...

hmphh - just cos a picking on your parents post gave you a new record - don't make it a regular occurance - or i just might have to start putting some 'alyndabear-isms' on my blog !!!!

janet said...

lasik is the best thing ever! I already convinced Laurel and Erika to do it, and I promise you will love it too :)

Yes I am a psycho about laser eye surgery. I am a dork too.

Lindsey said...

It seems like everyone is doing the laser eye surgery these days. I've heard everyone has had really good results. Good luck!

julie said...

I knew that Janet would have already commented about how much she loves Lasik. :)

Good luck!

Aimee said...

I'm like so behind the times. I just got contacts. sooo not ready for any lasers in the eyes. My finger is bad enough. :)

When I'm grown up like you all, I'd try it. lol


Laurel said...

YES!!! Everyone must get LASIK!!

I am NOT lying when I tell you that it is totally painless.

Plus, with more glasses-less dorks in the world, we can be much more stealthy.

Margaret said...

I think the shirt will give it away my dear, sorry. Good luck on getting the surgery though. I've known a few people that have had it done and they say the younger you are the more you have to have done more often. Does that even make sense? Anyway, I hope it all works out.

heidikins said...

Hmmm... unfortunately I am one of those rare (and generally hated) people with perfect vision. I have never had to deal with glasses or contacts or anything. Everyone else in my family is practically blind - which makes me really wonder if I'm adopted! I could be a long-lost heiress! Quick, check Craigslist for "missing heiress" and see if I come up! :)

Julie said...

Yea I dont know why we tip here in America.
Tim is from Ireland, so he sometimes doesn't get it either. He says that in Ireland bartenders look at you funny if you try to tip them, because they consider it to be there job.

Well I mean they also pay waiters and bartenders 2.63/hr here.

So there you go.

Zandria said...

So jealous! You are totally inspiring me to make that appointment to have a laser-eye surgery consultation. I need to stop thinking and talking about it, and put it into action! Then we can share stories (hopefully GOOD ones!). :)

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