I've spent the last couple of days catching up with friends who I don't see nearly enough, because we're all teachers during the week, and slackers during weekends. It's incredible how it seems like I saw them not that long ago, when in actual fact it was months. My horrid scatterbrained-ness is really getting the better of me.

Today saw us head out to some travel agents to grab some brochures and look around at various trips that are available, as one of the girls is also looking to teach overseas. (Did you know they have doubled the original price of a UK working visa to $520? I nearly fell off my chair in shock. $520!) It was a bit scary sitting in the travel agent, realising that later on this year I'll actually be picking myself up and moving overseas. Bloody scary, but exciting at the same time.

Except now I have one heck of a lot of travel ideas, but nowhere near enough time or money to actually do them! Here are some options;

  • England: This is a definite. After some rearranging, Jase and I have decided that we're going to base ourselves there. He will be heading over in August, and I'm going to join him in late December/early January. The plan is for me to find a temporary teaching position and get that ready before I fly over there, so I can start earning pounds fairly quickly with less stress.

  • USA: Most of you know by now that I'm well and truly addicted to Contiki tours, and I had planned to do my huge, double tour, 50 day extravaganza early next year. Sadly, looking at tour dates that are available and my financial situation, it's more likely that I will end up doing these in the later half of 2008.

  • Europe: Hold me back! Last time I was in Europe, Jase and I did a tour and had an absolute ball. I discovered today whilst reading the brochures, that they've added extra stops to our tour for the same price; Prague, Spain and Eastern Germany! I am so tempted to do the exact same tour all over again, and just explore different places when I can. Squee! There are stacks of options for Europe, heaps of different tours or even opportunities to travel yourself. Must go back.

  • Scandanavia: I also found the perfect Eastern European tour! 21 days starting in Denmark, visiting Finland, Sweden, Russia and Germany. It looks amazing, and isn't very expensive either. I definitely have to do this one while I'm overseas.

The downside to all of these great finds? I want to go NOW! [stomps]

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julie said...

Later Half of 2008!!!!



Sarah said...

Please report to the US of A immediately. Please? Everything else is just blah blah blah. You should visit every blogger on your list. You guys could definitely stay with me!

Laurel said...

NO!!! Come to the US NOW!

But if you don't, say "Hi" to my peeps in Scandinavia!

lara said...

sigh... i'm sad you can't come sooner, but you're worth the wait. 2008 it is! :)

janet said...

sign me up for all of them, please! also, can you give me a private tour of australia? great, thanks!! :)

Nora Wood said...

I would love to speak to you about your contiki tour experiences. My friends are taking one to Europe this summer and would love some tips and have a few questions. Would greatly appreciate speaking or emailing you about them. Thanks, Nora.

Nora Wood said...

Oh sorry. . . please email me at Thanks!

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