The Biggest Loser... what?

I think it's safe to say that I'm a wee bit addicted to watching the Australian Biggest Loser television show. I watched it last year, mum and I would sit on the lounge watching the show and eating dinner at the same time. (!)

I loved (and hated in the same breath) Fiona, because she was this gorgeous thing, even at 100kgs. And at the end of the series? She was absolutely stunning. Jealous! So jealous!

I also have a love/hate relationship with Ajay Rochester, the host. I think she's great for having lost so much weight and looking confident and all, but I find the way she speaks completely bloody horrid (I'M A-JAY RO-CHES-TARRRR) - she sounds out her words all wrong, she drags out her sentences and she says the most obvious things. (Although I was amused the other evening while watching the show's credits, seeing "Ajay dressed by ___" flash up on the screen, closely followed by "Ajay tanned by ___" soon after. Classic!) Oh, speaking of her dressing, her stylist really needs a good whack on the head.

When this year's show started, I wasn't that interested. It's not that I didn't like the show, I was just a bit disheartened after learning that the winner had cosmetic surgery to tighten up once it was all done. What normal person can afford to do that? Yes, the weight loss is great, but how about leaving it natural? Sheesh. The disinterest didn't last long, though. I'm well and truly suckered back into it.

I miss Bob and Jillian. I would gladly have my arse whipped into shape by either of those two, Bob preferably (though he needs to grow his hair back first.) The two Aussie trainers for this year, just don't do it for me. Alright, Shannon does because let's face it, he's gorgeous! I can't help but talk in a Shannon voice after I hear him talk though; it's a real excited, bogan-y type voice. Too funny. Michelle seems quite fake though, I haven't warmed to her at all. I feel like her inner voice is thinking something along the lines of "Fat people. Ew!" And I hate that she has worn the same ugly pair of red joggers all season. Blech.

This past week has been really enjoyable - the last six were flown to Queenstown, to face all sorts of challenges. And I was squeeing with delight when Courtney did the Canyon Swing (been there! done that!) and when Munnalita did the K-Bridge Bungy. (been there! done that!) It's made me want to go back to New Zealand again.

There is one thing I can't stand about the show. The complaining. They're in a house with a body/lifestyle workover completely paid for, and all they do is complain. They complain when they "only" lose 3kgs. They hope for more. They aren't happy. They compare themselves to everyone else, and they complain some more. Gah! I understand it's a competition, but seriously, for them to even lose 0.5-1kg a week is healthy. It's watching them complain about not losing more weight and faster, that makes the show annoying. That, and Ajay's ugly hairstyles and horrible clothing choices. And did I mention her voice?

You know, it doesn't really matter anyway. I'll be watching tonight.

Who wouldn't lose weight for these two trainers? Phwoar. Sign me up.


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janet said...

australian hotties? sign me up too!

Zandria said...

Holy heck!

**licks screen**

Julie said...

Those guys are so hot.

But in all seriousness if I wound up losing as much weight as the people on the Biggest Loser than I would need to get "tucked in".

Eww for extra skin.

No? Am I wrong here?

Nicole P. said...

That's it, I'm moving to Australia now that you've shown me the picture of those two trainers.

Holy hotness, Batman!!

LaLa said...

Um... somehow love, I don't think you are Bob's type.

Lack of facial hair you see.

But Gillian might fancy you.


Jen said...

I really dont blame him for getting the surgery. Whether or not people can afford it, did you see what he looked like post weight loss, pre surgery? Thats what happens when you lose weight at a ridiculous speed. If they weren't pressured to drop such high numbers, he wouldn't be covered in loose skin (to that extent)

I totally agree with the weight loss thing. They bitch and moan if it is less than 3kg, and say that's low. No, 3kg is huge for one week. Losting 700 grams in a week is great, nothing to complain over!

Ajay pisses me off immensely.

And yes, I could rant all day. Those people make me feel so unfit it isn't funny. The things they can do make me tired just watching.

nancypearlwannabe said...

I can't say that I've ever watched the show. Maybe I should start, it seems like it would be inspiring. I think the idea of it was ruined for me by that show The Swan- did you get that show over there? Horrid. Horrid.

Jess said...

Yep Ajay makes me wanna stab myself in the eye mostly cos she's a moron and we like to make fun of her in my house.

I love the biggest loser. I also understand why Adro had the surgery, he had "wings" of skin hanging off of him after he dropped all that weight. I'm not sure he felt that that would be "natural" lol!

And that reminds me, I would marry Adro in a second over Shannan or Bob.

Although, I think you'll find Bob batting for the other team! I hope you're in to challenges!!! hahhaa.

Laurel said...

Bob and Jillian went all the way to Australia to train your people, too??

Aimee said...

ooooooh! They are yummie! :)

Aren't they losing weight super-fast? That's probably why they need surgery. I've heard that part of the reason you're supposed to drink a ton of water when you diet is because it helps make the skin more elastic so you won't have to have surgery for the 'extra skin' ick.

heidikins said...

daaaang... those guys are HOT!! Why don't WE have this show?!? For the gorgeous muscle-boys, if for nothing else! Yumm!


-R- said...

Do joggers = sneakers or pants? Please tell me it is sneakers, because if someone is wearing the same pants every day, that is gross.

Catherine said...

Finally someone else that finds AJ as irritating as I do!

Her voice during weigh in and voting is the pits! I start drifting in and out like during school assembly, could she speak any more slowly and with any more unnecessary pauses?

Lindsey said...

SO HOT. I want them! NOW!

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