Operation New Bun - Part Two.

Things aren't going along too swimmingly here at the Bun Mansion.

New Bun is still hyper, and the chances of her bonding with Bella and Lucy are looking pretty slim. When I brought her home, I thought she would be quite reserved having been rescued from attack dogs; she's actually quite confident. At the moment, she's still living in her own house next to the Bun Mansion (aka, the hutch) because I don't trust her. The whole time she's been there, Lucy has completely ignored her. Bella (after surviving the biting attack) has been keeping an eye on her, very warily. I'm not bringing them inside today, I'm going to leave them next to each other a little longer first. Where is the love?

I've also come to realise that despite only one of my rabbits has real red eyes? The camera seems to think they all do. Poor buns.

Meet New Bun. Looking very innocent in this picture, but I know the truth! Crazy rabbit. I haven't named her yet, because a) Nothing seems to fit, and b) If things don't work out and I have to find her a new home, I'll be less sad. She is still very squishable, with or without those devil eyes.

This here photo shows Bella Rabbit contemplating her escape routes off the kitchen table. Apparently, she still doesn't like the taste of her medicine very much. She is a celery machine. Not pictured is her huge roll of neck fluff, ready for winter. Also very squishable.

My ickle Lucy Bun, leaving a path of mutilated celery in her wake. Don't let those droopy ears fool you because she is one tough cookie. I think she is giving me the stink eye in this photo; I had just poked fingers around her groin. And she is, yes, very squishable. Even with an ugly, somewhat shorn butt.

I'll keep on persevering with Operation New Bun, but I'm a bit worried that things aren't going too well. It's still early days. Wish me luck.

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Nicole P. said...

Lucy is so cute (well they all are)! I'm a sucker for the floppy ears. The white ones with red eyes always freak me out a bit.

Eau'Flynn said...

they are so cute! i'm very allergic, though. i posted some pics of my cutie pup too - animals are great!

nancypearlwannabe said...

I love, love, love Bella! We used to have bunnies when we were little. I'd love to have one now but Chris is severely, deathly allergic. :(

Hope they start getting along a bit better for you!

angela said...

Send them out to dinner and a movie together. They need their time to bond.

Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness, they are soooo cute! Bless your heart for rescuing them!

lara said...

new bun is just cautious. she doesn't just give her friendship away to any ol' rabbit. she's carefully considering her options. :)

Operation Pink herring said...

They are all so cute! My little brother got a bunny a few weeks ago and I have yet to see it. I need to schedule a visit!

Hopefully they will all be snuggling and sharing celery stalks soon... and if that's the case, I demand that you share your secret with me; we're still having some major sibling rivalry at the Unofficial Feline Rescue House. Luckily, Henry has a fabulous "godmother" who is willing to take him if it doesn't work out here after a few more weeks. If things don't work out with your Buns, at least you'll know you tried your very best. You have a big heart!

Tasmiya said...

How about calling her Hot Cross? Geddit?? *Guffaw*

I think keeping them close together (within eye sight and ear smell (is that even an expression?) like you are doing is excellent. Give her more time - she may come around.

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