My Interview.

The lovely Aimee sent me some questions the other day ready for me to answer, and to spare you from me whinging about a whole load of irrelevant crap, I figured today would be the perfect day to post them. If you're interested in playing along, leave a comment for me and I'll see what kind of questions I can come up with - but no promises for their originality, humour or making sense-ness. (Because that's absolutely a word.)

1) What is something most people don't know about you?

Most people don't know that I can hold a grudge like you would not believe. I'm actually kind of good at it, though it's not a talent that I'm particularly proud of. What's funny is that while I have possibly the flightiest memory in all of Australia, I can recall facts about times when I've been cranky or let-down by someone and simply cannot forget about them. I just can't. It's not like I'll go out of my way to be nasty in return; but I remember. (Just be thankful I'm sparing you my whinges today, alright?)

2) Where do you
see yourself in 5 years?  10?

In 5 years; I want to be back in Australia, hopefully having travelled a fair bit. I want to have gone to England, done my independant USA tour and come back home. I want to be engaged. (!) I want to have purchased a house, complete with a mortgage, two puppies and whatever animals I can convince my partner to let me take care of.

In 10 years; I'd like to be married and have settled down. I want to have travelled a little more, paid off a wee bit of the afore mentioned mortgage, and have two kids. Why two? I like that number. Twins would be nice. Painful, but nice (in theory.)

3) What can't you live without?

My pillows. I know that sounds ridiculous, but nothing feels better than falling asleep on the perfect pillow. I hate soft pillows. They need to be hard and firm and just right. When I'm travelling, the first thing I do is check all the cupboards or find the extra pillows; those cheap and flimsy ones just won't do it for me.

(I also can't live without hair elastics, because my hair? Drive me bonkers at the best of times. Especially now, grumble grumble. Without them, I would probably chuck a Britney.)

(Oh, and I can't live without my family, too. And my Ipod. And pets! Must have pets! Er, is this cheating? O'course not!)

4) If you could change careers and make the same amount of money (or more), would
you switch and what career would you choose?

I would like to be an author, I thought it would be bloody amazing to sit around in some quiet cottage tapping away at a laptop and producing a body of work. This would be fantastic if; a) I could afford to support myself whilst writing, and b) I could actually write.

5) What clique did you
belong to in high school?  Was it the same in College?

I really didn't have a clique, and I haven't stayed in contact with anyone from high school at all. When I look back, our group wasn't the popular one but we weren't exactly dorks, either. (Alright, I secretly might have been a dork, but ssh. It was a secret.) We were just sort of in between, but happy enough I suppose. At university, I was a bit of a loner. I had my dear friend Elissa in my Psychology degree. Then I met a couple of nice folks in my Teaching degree. But at uni? I was just happy for it to be over, and to get out in the real world.

Am sorry for the somewhat boring answers, but I'm trying to refrain from posting random whinges, as hard as that is for me to hold back on. Alright, just one. My first car service (on the new, less than a year old car with abso-fucking-lutely nothing wrong with it) cost me $220. What the fuck? Alright, one more. I took my contacts out in case the Laser Eye company I found ever contacts me back and sets up and appointment, and my fucking glasses keep slipping off my nose. What the fuck? Alright, last one. Why the fuck am I so grumpy today? Someone needs to just punch me in the knee or something, to snap me out of it. GACK.

Now; who's game for MY questions after that?

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kirby said...

high five for grudges! I can hold one like nobody's business.
I have a question.. when shall we begin our sunday catchups? this sunday is easter so it probably seems a little... poorly timed... and then thursday after that is the all important mayer .... any ideas?

nancypearlwannabe said...

I'm a bit scared, but I'm always game for some questions!

Catherine said...

Never, ever would have guessed that you were a grudge holder! I love your ten year plan, very similar to my own.

Also if you fancied interviewing two peeps then I'm totally up for it.

P.S. I love the new look, damn feed reader not telling me to come check it out!

Aimee said...

Wow, we are a whole lot of grudge-holders aren't we? lol Count me in. ::sigh::

Laurel said...

I felt the same way about college as you did. I have some dear friends from college, but I didn't have the same attachment to the school as a lot of people do. Oh well, poo poo on cliques, anyway!

Teacher A said...

I want two kids, too, but for the reason that I don't think you should have more kids than are necessary to replace yourself and your spouse. Plus, any more that that and suddenly the kids outnumber the parents and anarchy ensues (at least in my mind. R was one of three and says it was fine, but he was also 7 years older than his youngest sibling).

Julie said...

I think your whining is sexy. So keep it up!

Are you sending out questions for people now?

Oh,and I updated just so that you wouldn't have to go another day without me. And because you're so far ahead of me... is it already Wednesday there?

Teacher Jane said...

1. I hold grudges, too, like you wouldn't believe. It's not a typical Pisces trait, which leads me to believe that I'm more of a Scorpio.

2. Let me know how the Laser Eye thing goes. I've been wanting to do it for years, but I keep finding things on which I'd rather spend my money.

3. Questions! For me! Maybe then I'll actually update my blawwwg? Especially if they're not about teaching, because I? Am on Break.

-R- said...

Send me some questions please.

lara said...

goodness, you are feisty today. i hope you feel a little less grumpy soon. i'm glad you played the interview game (even if i am a bit sad that you didn't want ME to interview you). :-P

Lindsey said...

Oh being a writer would be awesome! I'm with you on that one, although my answer to Aimee's question was different :-)

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