These Boots Were Made For Walking.

I generally make it a habit not to talk about exercising or weight loss on this blog, purely for the fact that when I'm trying to be good? It's all I talk about. And I have to admit, my writing about that is not pretty to read; if you thought my whinging here was bad, phwoar. Instead, I ramble about that elsewhere, consider me sparing you!

But I will give you a really fast rundown to fill you in - I've been making a more dedicated effort to lose some weight over the last month or so. Not strictly dieting persay, just trying to cut out the crap and be smarter. Oh, and move my arse more. That's a big one. (The statement and the arse.)

I use this website to record any exercising I do, called "Get Fit on Route 66" - My slightly obsessed mum discovered it. Basically, it's a cheesy tracker, where 1 minute of exercise equals 1 mile on the Route from Chicago to California. It even lets you choose what car you drive, I'm driving an old Chevy truck.

Since March 12th, I've walked 1223 miles. Okay, so not really, but I have exercised for that many minutes. That's over 20 hours of exercise! I'm in Texas right now, soon to get into New Mexico.

Am very, very proud. Celebrations are in order when I get to Cali!

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