Love & Hate (aka Stealing is totally a form of Flattery.)

Seeing as though tomorrow is the official beginning of the two weeks of winter school holidays, it's only fitting that my brain has shut down already. Therefore, I'm borrowing the lovely Janet's idea, and keeping today's post short and simple.

Love: Being on holidays. This term at school has been exhausting, and I'm drained. As fast as it's going to go, it's two weeks that couldn't come soon enough.
Hate: That I've come down with the flu, for the fiftieth time this year. My immune system really needs a gigantic kick up the arse.

Love: That Jase is a sweetheart and puts up with my lack-of-sleep / flu induced / female hormonal whinging sessions, and still loves me.
Hate: He's leaving. In 32 days. Which only leaves four weekends.

Love: It's my birthday in exactly one month. Close enough, anyway. Start planning now!
Hate: I'm going to be 23 and I'm still not engaged yet. (It's all part of "The Plan", which I'll have to discuss at a later date, my clogged sinuses aren't letting me think clearly today.)

Love: I found a way to watch my Region 1 Felicity DVDs, which is cause for celebration.
Hate: That place is on my mum's computer, which is just not the same as watching in bed.

Love: My two rabbits are finally living together in the same cage. No hair pulling, no biting, just two rabbits squished together for warmth with the occasional grooming session going on. Needless to say, I'm completely and utterly chuffed with this development.
Hate: That when I head overseas next year, I'll have to leave my babies behind. Tis sad.

Love: I have an initial phone interview with a UK teacher recruitment agency sometime this week. (The goal is to get a block set up before I leave the country, ready for January.)
Hate: Aly + Talking to strangers = Rambling, nervous pauses & fake laughter. Ack.

Love: This weekend I squeezed back into non-stretch jeans that I haven't worn in four years!
Hate: I've consumed more calories over the past three days than I have in the last month. (Looks like the skinnier jeans won't be fitting for long!)

Feel free to leave your own love/hates in the comments, and be sure to stop by and pay Janet @ Love is Blonde a visit, if you don't already. Have a great weekend, folks.

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Jen said...

*shares starburst*

LOVE: I weighed less when I weighed myself this morning, ie. eating healthy food is working
HATE: I ate takeaway twice this weekend and am sure it will all pack back on

Sorry, I don't have much.

nancypearlwannabe said...

LOVE: That Aly is going to only be 6 hours from Boston soon!
HATE: That it's 6 hours over the Atlantic Ocean.

Lindsey said...

You're right, it is quiet around here this weekend...I feel like there is eerie music and it's just me and you looking around like, where'd everyone go?

I LOVE being able to fit into jeans I haven't worn in years. Isn't that a great feeling?! I'm sorry you have the flu though, that sucks. I hope you feel better very, very soon!!

Teacher A said...

I'm going to be a year older than you for a few days. Mwahahaha!

Humor Girl said...

I LOVE jeans that I keep in my closet on the off chance I'll get mono again!! Congrats! :)

B said...

Congrats on the skinny jeans girlfriend!!
Am with you on the feeling about birthdays and the "[lan" because I just went through my birthday depression.

Lara said...

love: spending time with adorable toddlers!
hate: when that time is spent listening to adorable toddlers scream and cleaning up after adorable toddlers pee on the floor.

sigh - babysitting last night did NOT go so well.

me from KC said...

Hi Alynda
I think this is the first time i have looked at your page thingy and girl you need to get a real job - teaching anyone get teach a support class pleeease. And oh my god when do you get time to do this. Honestly there are more important things like watching big brother. Me from KC

janet said...

love: that you are fitting into skinny jeans AND moving abroad
hate: that I am doing neither of those
love: it's early monday morning, I don't love anything right now!
hate: all the houses in our price range totally suck

Laurel said...

Woohoo about Leonine birthdays!! It is going to be a party week on the internet when L.Sass and Alyndabear celebrate the days of their birth!

Isabel said...

I want to hear more about The Plan.

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