Back Later.

If you're reading this, it means I actually figured out how to forward-plan my posts. If you're not reading this, it means I'm talking to myself. Not so bad, either way.

At this very moment, I'm out spending the day with J. We had Thai food for dinner on Saturday night, hopefully followed by a sleep-in this morning. I'm then tagging along to a football game since it was one of J's last requests of me before he leaves, and then we're headed out to yet another dinner, this time with my nan.

And after that? It'll already be Monday, meaning back to work I go. I hate weekends. They take so long to arrive, then disappear so quickly. So not right.

Let me leave you with this fun graphic I discovered, in all it's grainy goodness.


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Katie said...

Haha I love that graphic, that's awesome! :)

Julz* said...

lol I had to watch that graphic soooooo many times just to get all the things it was saying :P *am slow*

but omg, I had this dream last night, that I was with you kirby & jen, and jase proposed to you! hahahhaa funny that :P

kirby said...

HAH.. graphic.
enjoy the football *chuckles*.... cheer like mad, sometimes it's fun.
Weekends. BAH. I rarely feel like I get them anyway.

Jonathon Morgan said...

congrats, it must've worked, 'cause i'm reading it. i still haven't figured out to do that with my posts... LE SIGH.

kerrianne said...

I love the BBQ! part. Awesome.

InesOwens18 said...

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