Preparing for "The List".

I find it amazing just how excited I've become about actually doing things that I've marked as important enough to be on "The List". (Click here if you have no idea what I'm rambling on about, or want to refresh your memory.)

In fact I've been so excited, I've already planned ways I can cross things off. Here's a list of the things I've already done/am planning to do in the next few weeks:

  • Gone to the library and borrowed five random novels. (I might add that all of those suggestions you lovely readers left for me in my comments or emailed me, were NOT in my local library catelogue. Apparently I'm going to be reading ten year old fiction, but hey. At least they're still new.)

  • Attended a rugby league game watching Parramatta vs Manly. (All the while, still sporting this bloody cold. I was armed with tissues. Lots of tissues.)

  • I will be stalking Kirby on Sunday. We will be (finally!) watching Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. In Gold Class. Phwoar!

  • My parents are buying me the suitcase of my dreams for my birthday.

  • Tomorrow afternoon's staff development meeting is teaching us CPR. Nifty.

  • I've already started searching for low-fat recipes to make, my family being the guinea pigs. And I've started typing up recipes to take away with me.

  • Charmed Season 8, Dawson's Creek Season 6 & CSI Season 5 are waiting for me.

You see? I'm obviously a nerd, but "The List" seems to be working for me.

Now if only I could stop thinking too much about Jason leaving .. this Friday. Sniff.

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University Update - Harry Potter - Preparing for “The List”. said...

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Kris said...


kerrianne said...

Yay! for you. I love (lamp. Um, I mean) lists! I think I love them because I love crossing items off said lists. And then re-writing them. I'm hopelessly neurotic that way. But it's SO productive. And, well, listy.

; )

kirby said...

chyeaah Harry Potter.


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