The Countdown Begins.

Having spent the past month cruising Route 66, my parents are flying back home the day after tomorrow. It has possibly been the speediest month in the history of mankind, because wasn't I only JUST whinging about having to fend for myself?

The next two days are also going to fly by - with me frantically dusting and scrubbing and vacuuming everything in sight. I'm not implying that I'm a horribly unclean house mate or anything . . . but my brother? He's the poster boy for grottiness. Jase and I did some cleaning over the weekend, but after a couple of days with Ajay being home, you wouldn't even be able to tell.

Needless to say, I was extremely pleased (and relieved!) a few days ago, when Ajay informed me that he was dedicating the whole of his day off to cleaning.

Being the clean freak that I am, I even had a list of things he could do for me - get rid of the drum kit that's been assembled in the lounge room for four weeks, hide the car parts scattered across the garage and the back patio, and maybe, just maybe, actually clean his room. He shrugged off my help though, told me to chill out and that he would just clean already, so stop nagging.

Well, he did some cleaning. I can't say he didn't. But he didn't exactly clean the house.

He cleaned his car.

Bloody hell. Boys! I give up! [bangs head repeatedly against wall]

I am looking forward to having the parents come home, though. Because I miss joking around with them, and complaining to them, and having people to talk to.

And the fact that they might bring presents back with them? Pure coincidence.

[I now have that 80's song in my head.. The Final Countdowwnnn da da da daaa.]

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Viviane said...

Haha, boys, indeed. But hey, cleaning can also be a workout! ;)

Marianne said...

Do you get VH1? I think they voted Final Countdown as one of the worst songs, ever. Haha... I don't understand how it could be when everyone knows the melody.

Anyway, I'm glad your parents are on their way back. Did they meet lots of crazy Americans?

Kelly said...

Boys. Go figure.
Tell him to move up here, we're not even allowed to wash our cars anymore. The most we're allowed is to sponge off, erm, droppings. This is the dirtiest I've ever seen Matt's car! Mind you, it's not really dirty, just dusty.
Stupid car. I dare you to egg it. Do it!!!

Julz* said...

maybe if you shove everything in his room into his car, he'd clean it and maybe organise it? ....or maybe not.

boys are just uncleanly people.

gees, your parents are back already!? it didn't seem long ago that they left...time sure flies hey?

Katie said...

Typical males!
Hope your parents had a good trip ... and bring you home lots of pressies! ;)

Leslie said...

Regarding "crazy Americans" comment from post #2:
They didn't come to my house while they were here, so the answer would be no!

Aimee said...

Good luck with the cleaning. I think you should just order Ajay to go away so you can actually get something done - and he can't come back until your parents see that the house is CLEAN. lol

Emily said...

If you ever come up with a way to get boys to clean please let the world know. It seems to be a problem across the board. And yea for souvenirs!

Carrieamc said...

Cleaning sucks! Especially when boys are around.

janet said...

better clean up from all those parties you had!!!!

Kris said...

Tee hee yep i'm glad we found each other's blogs and i totally hear u about brothers
thats typical brother behavior!! Grrr

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