You Schmooze, You Lose.


My newest blog stalkee Kate reckons that I have the Power of Schmooze! Nifty! What does it mean? Well, to steal her words, it's someone who is skilled at the art of conversation and chatter to gain an advantage or make a social connection. Can't say it better myself, so I'm going to just nod and agree with that. Thanks, Kate! [high-fives]

It's incredible how a bunch of pixels can make you feel pretty darned special.

Some of you might remember, but I do find it uncomfortable tagging people or nominating bloggers for particular events. I've already done it this week, what with the Rockin' Girl & Thinking Blogger awards, but I'm going to stick to my fence-sitting roots this time and stay neutral. I'm blessing you all as Schmoozers, because let's face it - if we couldn't have a chat? I most likely wouldn't keep you on my blogroll, and vice versa. So there it is; a gift from one Schmoozer to another.

Happy Monday!

[And honestly? I secretly really, really enjoy typing the word Schmooze. Hee.]

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Katie said...

Haha Schmooze is such a cool word, I totally agree. You are a really schmoozer. There are lots of schmoozers on your blogroll and I like reading their schmooze. And I will aim to be a better schmoozer too, just so we can schmooze more often and with different schmoozers from all over the world!

Ok, now I'm just being silly. :P

angela said...

Schmooze away, Schmoozer.

Lindsey said...

I love that you are a schmoozer...I totally am too. Actually I do it professionally. I do fund raising...enough said.

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